Was Gilgamesh a Good King: Argumentative Essay

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Gilgamesh is a king of Uruk, a born demigod between his mother Ninsun god, and his human father Lugalbanda king. Gilgamesh was a king who have strength, ability, property, and rights which enraged him even the male citizens of Uruk. However, Gilgamesh used all his rights to harass the Uruk citizen and molest the women. He was neither afraid nor afraid of anything in this world to him. So, Aruru and Anu god make Enkidu and send him to lower the power of Gilgamesh. However, Gilgamesh wins the fight with Enkidu, and both become best friends. After they become best friends, they have many adventures. They kill the monster Humbaba in the cedar forest and kill Ishtar's heavenly bull. The gods are angry at the actions of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and leave Enkidu for life. Gilgamesh sees Enkidu's death and sees him as no exception to death. He is afraid of death and leaves the adventure to find the only human being who does not die to hear the secrets of eternal life. But all his adventures go back to failure. Gilgamesh was not afraid of anyone as a demigod or anything that does not make him afraid of. However, he realizes that he is a weak human through his appearance of fear of death.

In our society today, many powerful people act like Gilgamesh. In particular, Korea is using the power, rights, and possessions they have for those who are in a lower position. A typical example is that from 2011 to 2018, Korean Airline which is the most prominent company in Korea. The president and his wife used their rights over their employees. They assaulted the remodeling worker, fired the employee at the Hyatt Hotel in Incheon, slaughtered the Korean aviation security worker, and assaulted guards. On January 7, 2015, when a VIP family stopped in a space where two cars could be parked, the employee demanded that the vehicle be moved to another location. However, they used their power to rant and assault department store staff. They grabbed the employee's collar and swore at him. Further, in a Korean fast food restaurant, a guest threw a hamburger at the employee's face. The reason is that the coffee ordered by the guest came out late. Thus, in many societies today, we can see examples of abuses of their rights and power such as Gigamesh.

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