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Was Thomas Jefferson a Hypocrite? Essay

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I believe that Thomas Jefferson is a hypocrite in the sense of creating the constitution and going against his own rules and here is why.

First of all, Jefferson could not stress enough that all men are created equal when in reality he owns over 200 slaves for himself. He does not have respect for all men, only white men; he has openly made rude remarks to African Americans and has not mentioned any reasonable rights that apply to them in the declaration. Jefferson has also denied them life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and he believes that the king has done many things wrong, which is true but it is also true that Jefferson only cares about the inconveniences that have occurred to the whites and not the Africans even though the Africans receive much worse treatment than whites. These facts perfectly debunk any belief or hope that Jefferson thinks all men were created equally. In Jefferson’s letter to William Burwell, he states “I have long since given up the expectation of any early provision for the extinguishment of slavery among us.” This just shows that little to no effort was put forth in the process of freeing slaves before Jefferson gave up this shows that this cause is unimportant to him. And finally, all together Jefferson has stated ‘The abolition of domestic slavery is the great object of desire in those colonies where it was unhappily introduced in their infant state.” yet he has willfully betrayed the ideals he has presented. He has proved plenty of times how he is a hypocrite.

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Now with all the facts stated one can still admit that Jefferson’s life revolves around him being a hypocrite, for example, he has proposed a plan to end slavery by purchasing slave children and training them to do the work that a free man would have the opportunity to do, and after doing so he sent them to Santo demonic and in his will has freed 3 other men. As I can not say that he has not done some good things these good deeds will always be covered by the fact that the majority of what he did was hypocritical and selfish or more for the white race in which he is a part. Jefferson knowingly violated the U.S Constitution for his benefit, he is reckless with his money and as he has done some good things for this country like abolishing the slave trade he still kept slaves to himself self which again makes him a hypocrite but also makes him selfish.

In conclusion, if Thomas Jefferson wanted to make rules and morals for his own country to go by he should have been faithful to those. He has done good deeds but gone back on them and he has made some things better for slaves but in the long run, did not do much for them and that is proof that Jefferson does not see all men as created equal.

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