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Ways And Strategies To Support The Learning Of Individuals With Dyslexia

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Every teacher or educator should work hard to help all their students learn most effectively. Dyslexia Association recommends a structured literacy approach for teachers and educators when teaching children with dyslexia. Literacy approach ensure that all teaching is systematic and cumulative where dyslexic children can depends on the materials being presented in a logical orders. The teacher must continually interact and make sure all educational concepts are delivered clearly and attainably to meet the needs of every child.

Very helpful for teaching dyslexic children are multisensory lessons. On Visual Learners use pictures and multi-media material, use different colour on words, spell words anywhere in view, used different resources On Auditory Learners use software which has good auditory input, make sure that instructions are clear, talk about the book to be read or the information to be learned, use lined paper, use word bank.

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On Kinesthetic learners they learn when letters are race in the air or sand or they hold the number or letters as object. Children needs to process information with adequate time and resources with their own pace. A lack of time for processing informations make consistently left work incomplete. The individual support allow a child to finish a task before moving on. Children with dyslexia can’t be forced to read aloud as this may be critical moment, as they may be self-conscious about their ability to successfully read in front of a class, it can cause unnecessary stress for dyslexic children, it is helpful to practice reading in pair.

Good organisation needs to be encouraged as they often jump to the answer. Instructions must be simple not many at once, break large tasks into smaller one to keep children on task. Children may feel anger or frustrated teacher need to look for cause of the behaviour and show the empathy and patience. Communication can be done verbal or non-verbal method for example with the cards, avoid using sarcasm. It is important to encourage the child with dyslexia to spend time what they enjoy and feel good about.

Most people who have dyslexia are the world’s great thinkers, celebrities also a billionaires. With right approach a dyslexic child can turn his/her challenge into blessing. Dyslexic people may have excellent puzzle solving skills, brilliant spatial reasoning, strong memory for stories, abstract thinkers, critical thinkers, artist, actors and many more.


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