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Ways In Which Violence Is Linked To Gender

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While doing my research on how violence is linked to gender, I found a few web articles that cover this topic. Most of this articles are written by people who have faced violence or any form of inhumanity because of their gender. My goal in this paper is to describe while giving examples; how violence is linked to gender and the three different forms of gendered violence. I will also define symbolic violence and explain how it and sexual violence are related to sexism.

To achieve this goal, I have organized my paper into four main sections. In the first section, I explain how violence is linked to gender. In the second section I discuss three different forms of gendered violence and give examples. In the third section I define symbolic violence and explain how it and sexual violence are linked to sexism. I end my paper with a fourth section where I state the lessons I learn from Ted’s video and how it relates to society.

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Violence is a form of behavior that involves physical actions with the intention of hurting someone or something. In both ancient and modern society, gender parity has led to some forms of violence and wickedness to the society; mostly oppressing females. For example, cases of rape and sexual assault have risen. Research has proven that five times more women than men are victims of sexual assault and rape. Nevertheless, it is rare to meet a woman who has never had to endure whistles and calls from filthy groups of men while passing a road or street. This is known as street harassment and is common everywhere. Most ladies prefer to shrug it off and pretend the actions do not affect them while in reality it does. According to a research by the Peace Research Institute of Oslo(PRIO), men are more likely to be killed form conflicts than women. Society targets men and boys as a threat to society because they pose a threat to the opposition. This is because of the socially assumed role which is given to men as fighter and soldiers in times of war.

Symbolic violence is a form of violence that is not physical and is used by people in power in different groups of society. It can be used by different domains for example ethnicity and gender. For example, the view that women are weak or that men are born fighters and soldiers. Sexual violence on the other hand is a form of violence that involves a person taking part in a sexual activity without his or her will. On other point, the gender binary that classifies gender into strictly 2 distinct and opposite forms of masculine and feminine causes harm to both men and women due to their genetical make up. In general, women’s life expectancy is longer than men’s in almost every country in the world. In the United States, a woman’s life expectancy is 79 while a man’s is 72( Aulette and Wittner 324). Also, human male fetuses die more often than female ones, and more males die a year after birth in comparison to female babies. The result of this is a shocking statistic, by the age of a 100 years, the ratio of men is 11 in a 100 women (Aulette and Wittner 324). The reason for this is that females have the genetic advantage over males due to the fact that they have two copies of the X chromosome, that protects them from X-linked diseases such as muscular dystrophy or hemophilia.

Gender illnesses is a term that refers to diseases that are experienced by a certain gender due to environmental factors. In the United States, due to the gendered division of labour, men are expected to go out and provide for the family and women are expected to do housework and provide care in the home. Men end up working long hours and because they also take jobs in stressful occupations such as the military, construction or mining, they develop high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Women are expected to do housework and provide care even if they having jobs and this leads to mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

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