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We Must Stop Wasting Food

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If we show people how much food is wasted each year does this motivate them to stop wasting food? This can probably help us a little bit from wasting food due to the fact that a lot of people would have an incentive to finally do it. People love money so giving money would be one way to motivate them. Some perspectives I will be writing about is health, financial, society and environment.

Food waste has impacted many people around the world health wise. Many people get very sick and die due to the fact people don’t think about others while are wasting millions of food instead of giving the food to the hungry people. An additional of about 800 million people are hungry around the world. We should make that whatever spare food we have to be use to make another person’s day or week if we’re being honest. A little help like that could change anybody’s perspective. In other words, everyone should be able to eat a plate of food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

People worldwide are looking for food to eat in dumpsters because they either don’t have enough money to afford food or don’t have food in general. Dozens of people get very ill because they be searching in the dumpsters without knowing that there could be rotten food. Americans waste an estimate of about a pound of food per person each day (Oliver Milman, 2018) In my opinion I think that it’s important that we should reduce food waste because it’s a serious problem in countries like Venezuela and the UK. For example, in Venezuela kids about 10 - 13 years old spend their evenings searching for something to eat so they won't starve to death or even get sick because they are eating dangerous food (The Washington Post, 2016). In the United Kingdom £13 billion worth of food was thrown away rather than being eaten (Emma Metson, 2017).

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Food waste is a tremendous economic waste because all the food that people buy with their own money either one doesn’t even get eaten or just simply thrown away in the trash. Which isn’t the right choice to make because there are millions of little kids suffering from not having a plate of to enjoy for lunch or dinner. The amount of money that’s being thrown away is incredible because in my opinion I think it’s not fair that people all around the world are wasting money out of their own pocket so later on the food can be thrown away in the trash even though the food could probably still be in good shape or in good conditions to be able to eaten. Approximately about $165 billion dollars worth of food each year are being thrown away by Americans. It’s crazy that $ 2,000 dollars are being thrown away a year (CNBC, 2015) Some ways that we can reduce the amount food that is being wasted is by one making a shopping list with only the amount food that the person or family thinks they need in order to feed themselves and families.

Society has been impacted by food waste because most of the time people don’t really realize how much food they throw every day from uneaten leftover. Approximately 94 percent of the food that some of us throw away ends up in dumpsites or even combustion facilities (EPA, 2018). In the most recent years food waste has become a compound fact attracting the attention of scientists and other people. Most of the time food, is also wanted because of buying too much food or buying more food than they need to have or eat. Some estimates reveal that Americans waste as much 60 million tons of food a year. Wasting food is bad for the society in my opinion because it’s the only affecting the people worldwide it’s also affecting climate around us.

In conclusion, yes, there’s many different ways to motivate people by giving them money to stop wasting food. Some ways are by donating food to food banks, shelters, homeless people and maybe local churches. Possibility only buying the necessary food for the week or cooking the amount of food that person or family is going to eat instead just throwing in the trash for people to get sick or even die from eating food from the dumpster/trash. You can also monitor what you throw away by this I mean by making a list of what you throw away every other week or week by week all depends on how much you spend on a daily basis and how much people are living in the household. Some people usually store some food in the freezer to cook or eat in the future instead of wasting it and throwing the food away in the garbage. Keep track of the expiration dates on things like milk, bread, meats, and can foods so people won’t get sick from eating expired food and etc. Finally, I think that it’s very important to think about the kids around the world that probably have anything and go to sleep with an empty stomach due to fact they one don’t have money to afford a plate of food.

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