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Weapons of The American Revolutionary Soldiers

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One of the most important parts of the American Revolution were the weapons. All wars back then were fought with weapons. Weapons were used for other things to, like hunting for food, but weapons were mostly important in wars. The soldiers felt like they could not win without weapons and when they had some decent weapons back then, like the moatar and the cannon, it gave both sides the confidence they needed to win the war.

A frequently asked questions were what were the main types of weapons did they use in the american revolution? They mainly used mid-range and close-range weapons and the most commonly used weapons in the revolution was the musket with a bayonet at the end. Most of them being from America and Brittan. When soldiers were too close and/or out of ammo, they would charge at the enemy side with their bayonet.

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We know that in the american revolution they mainly used muskets. But what was the most popular type of musket that they liked to use? Well, the most popular type of musket back then was the Brown-Bess. You might have seen it in american revolution movies or when you think about a musket this type of musket is the one you see in your head. It has an effective range up to 100 but it can actually fire up to 300 yards. Most used and came from the british army. It can fire about 3 to 4 rounds every minute. It had a smooth bore and was loaded through the muzzle. It was one of the best weapons in its time.

This question isn’t really asked too often but it is a question that i found interesting myself and it is “what were their training and battle tactics were like?”. For training, they would shoot at targets on trees and at glass bottles. For battle tactics, they would use a strategy called “linear tactics”. They would stand in horizontal lines, and when the first line shooths, they would kneel down to reload and the second line would fire. Then, they would kneel down to reload and it would repeat. This was pretty effective at the beginning because the patriots did not have a real plan. After they fired up enough rolleys, they would charge at the the enemy with the bayonets. They really just used basic training but their battle tactics were really good but they got sloppy and threw away the plan once they started charging at the enemy’s.

To conclude, there wasn’t really a lot of diversity in the weapons back then like there are now, and they were not as effective, but the weapons did do their purpose. They did help win the war. They were important back then and are still important today. The evolution of weapons from the 18th century to the 21st century is a huge jump.

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