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Wearing Headgear Is An Effective Method Of Preventing Concussion In Boxing

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Boxing is a very physical intense sport, the risks of serious injury is very high due to the aggressive physical damage that can happen to your brain if not wearing headgear, the most common injury that occurs to the brain is concussion. Concussion is when a wave through brain tissue causes discharge of damaging chemicals, the nerve cells can shear, and Microscopic damage can affect the anatomy and function of brain cells. The effects happens at the mild end of the spectrum of traumatic brain injury. During boxing you don’t just need headgear, there is a series of safety gear (boxing gloves, mouth guard) this will allow you to concentrating on the opposite component and defeating them.

When wearing the right protective gear, you most likely reduce your risk of injury. All head gear in boxing is designed to cushion the most important areas of you head. The best boxing headgear will have thick padding surrounding the head and cheeks, leaving only open areas for the eyes, mouth and ears.

Concussion can affect you in many ways and give shows heaps of symptoms. As r these symptoms/ effects may include: Length of confusion can vary in time depending on the severity of the injury which can last a few seconds, minutes, or even hours. Nausea and headaches also play a big role in concussion because of the swelling of the brain and the release of neuro-chemicals. Mood changes occur a lot which can/may result in depression due to the dysfunction of the brain.


Referenced in (providence health team , 2017) will need to sign a permission form to say you know the information about concussion because this sport is at high risk of concussion and gives them a 75% chance of getting concussion. The parents partake an important role in signing this form when the child is under the age of 18 because they also need to understand the importance of them having a high risk of concussion.

Signs of having concussion

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  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Slow thinking
  • Sleep changes
  • Mood changes
  • Dizziness
  • Repeated vomiting
  • A loss of consciousness lasting longer than 30 seconds
  • A headache that gets worse over time
  • Changes in his or her behaviour, such as irritability
  • Changes in physical coordination, such as stumbling or clumsiness
  • Slurred speech or other changes in speech


Your brain has the consistency of gelatine. It’s cushioned from everyday jolts and bumps by cerebrospinal fluid inside your skull. A violent blow to your head and neck or upper body can cause your brain to slide back and forth forcefully against the inner walls of your skull. Sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head, caused by events such as a car crash or being violently shaken, also can cause brain injury. These injuries affect brain function, usually for a brief period, resulting in signs and symptoms of concussion. This type of brain injury may lead to bleeding in or around your brain, causing symptoms such as prolonged drowsiness and confusion. These symptoms may develop immediately or later. Such bleeding in your brain can be fatal. That’s why anyone who experiences a brain injury needs monitoring in the hours afterward and emergency care if symptoms worsen. (Mayo Clinic.2019). Scat five is mostly used for evaluating concussions designed for use by the physicians and licensed healthcare professionals and are analysed on athletes aged 13 years old and above. Fir the children under the age of 12 years old it is preferred that they use child scat 5 ( (2017).


In this investigation it was discovered that boxing is a highly risked sport that courses a lot of injuries and that head gear is very effective to prevent concussion.

As shown the physical relationships to investigate the claim is:

Jeff horn is a professional boxer, he doesn’t wear head gear, he weighs 63 kg and is 1.75 metres tall along with him being in the light-welterweight bracket category.


The evidence above does support the claim, this is because wearing head gear does help with getting concussion, but the problem is that the aim of this sport is to get knocked out, but the evidence above still supports the fact that headgear helps prevent that situation.


The reflection on the reliability of the evidence collected states that that thicker of the headgear will help prevent getting concussion throughout a round of boxing. Wearing headgear will largely impact how much longer you will stay in the round for because the aim of the sport is to get knocked out and will boosted your strength.


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