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Weight Training Program Plan

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Strength and conditioning works to form your body stronger, providing you with the talents you would like so as to make a simpler workout overall. When your core is healthy, you’ll be ready to transfer energy to the all of the muscles. A smart strength and conditioning program can actually help prevent osteoporosis, which is one among the most common illnesses athletes suffer from later in life. By lifting weight, you’ll be strengthening your bones, which can successively end in a strong system. Strong bones mean that you simply are going to be ready to lift, move, and perform man recreational activities with comfort and safety. One of the highest benefits of strength and conditioning is that it’ll help protect you from preventable injuries. Those that understand body mechanics and have an honest foundation when it involves understanding are going to be well-poised to strengthen tendons and ligaments and eliminate any muscle imbalances, which are a number of the most causes of injury.

Health benefits of strength and conditioning training

Strength and having coach let alone a bigger exercise routine and smart nutrition can have a major positive impact on your overall health. Strength and having coaching may be a good way to enhance your movement quality so you’ll relish your exercise routine a lot of, creating you a lot of doubtless to stay it going! Regular weight bearing exercise and strengthening work will help you prevent bone fractures. In addition, stronger bones result in a stronger system that permits you to exercise safely and avoid injury. Having a well-designed program can strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, which is able to result in fewer injuries. An excellent program will address flexibility and strength deficits that decreases injury.

Training goal to overcome weaknesses

Results of fitness testing

The pre/post we did as purpose was to find out weakness and strength which was pointed out from these specific work outs we did. The workouts that was implemented in pre-test was bench press, wall sit, plank and last was chin ups these activities which I found it was hard because of the level of fitness I was at, but one of the work outs I excelled at the most was bench press because I found out that had I more strength in my arms then my legs and lower body the other work out was all so push up due to good arm strength. The weakness in the pre-test was chin ups due to the fact I had insufficient strength to pull up, plank was another weakness that needed some improvement because of my core skills not being good and the last was wall sit.

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Outline your personal training goal

The personal goal that I want to achieve from these three week in the gym is to lose fat and Turing into muscle. The result of the pre-test really indicate the goals I needed to achieve to successfully say that I have reached my goals and all so that this training program was a success as well. the benefits of hypertrophy is that increases your muscle size to lift more and it can reduce fat by adding more year to your life, it also cause your heart to work harder to pump your blood through to lift an extra weight or an extra rep.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your training program

Training program results

The training program helps justify that I have successfully achieved the training goal program. In the data of the pre and post-test it states that I have improved over the three weeks in the gym of the specific workouts that was push ups, chin ups, bench press, plank and wall sit these workouts I have added an extra five kilos to my bench, for my plank I lasted an extra 12sec due to the workout plan and wall sit 12 more seconds to the leg workouts I did. The graph I did will help justify why I have successfully reach my goals.

Technique and safety requirements

The training program has met my level of ability in the gym due to where Im capable of lifting. The requirements of sticking to your goals is a must especially the rest time because it can be a safety hazard cause your starving your body out of rest and it needs time to rebuild muscle of all the sets, rep you do in the gym. The reason why beginners In the gym should start off with low weights is to see where their at with their ability, to lift and it lets them get a feel of what they are capable of which can lead into you making a workout program to fit their best needs at the gym.

Training methods and principles

The training method that was used in the training program was hypertrophy which lead to me achieving my goals. The reason why I have chosen this is the principles behind the training really helped start the building blocks of the training program. The training method of using hypertrophy us 3-4 sets, 10-12 reps, 70%-80% intensity and 45-1min rest time which also mean I can at the same time progressive overload meaning, progression in training is based on the principle of moving from easy to difficult. The gradual increase in load will result in better performance, in short meaning starting soft then going difficult at an instance of a push of a button.


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