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What Are The Boxing Regulations?

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Should boxing be a professional sport, well there are some different opinions worldwide. Some say that boxing is a great sport and that it should never go away. While others think that it should be gone. Lots of boxing fans say that the sport is great and entertaining. The people who don’t want it to go away say that there is nothing better than putting two guys in a ring and beating the crap out of each other legally in front of live audiences. People are really enjoying the sport like they just love it. Some opinions from pro fighters say they enjoy the idea too. They love the fans, fame, and money. Pro fighters obviously make a good living from it just by the way they dress, the cars they drive, and the nice million dollar mansions they live in. Even some fans explain that there are times when it’s Friday or the days they’re on break from their jobs that there is nothing better than going out with friends and family to watch these events at the sports bars or actually attending the fights.

But on the other hand there are people that don’t like the sport and think it should go away. These people have some good reasons for this too. There are things involved like injuries. Doctors say that even though the sport gives you fame and money that it could possibly cause some lifetime health effects. There are things like brain injuries and even becoming paralyzed and in rare cases death. Doctors go on to explain that some many blows to the head can cause serious brain injuries plus sometimes slurred speech. All the blows to the head cause concussions too. The rare cases though have some even more serious injuries. First off there is paralyzation because the fighters that take more damage and get hit in the head than the average fighter have way easier chances to get paralyzed. Eventually sooner or later the damage adds up and causes paralyzation. But the even more scary part is that some people die in the ring. The person that dies in the ring would usually be the older fighters. There are some ways they could die in the ring. Ways like getting hit in the liver too many times or taking massive blows to the stomach non-stop. But this is really rare it’s not like other injuries, like death in the ring is super rare.

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My opinion on the sport is i think it should stay even though there are injuries involved. I am more on the side of keeping it around too because personally i box myself. I like the sport because it’s fun, it’s a good workout, and you can make good friends with others that box. I like to compete as well it’s so fun meeting new boxers from around the US that come to Colorado. Overall despite the injuries it makes good money and it’s really enjoyable, i would recommend it to anyone interested.

Many of those who oppose a ban on professional boxing agree that the sport could be safer than it currently is, and that change some minor, some radical should be made to ensure safety. Some argue that fights should be made shorter, for instance. People also say that before 1988, most professional bouts were scheduled for fifteen rounds and not twelve. The use of protective headgear and bigger gloves, which would make the force from punches less likely to cause injury. People (lots) have argued that punches to the head should be outlawed from the sport but that would take away the whole point of fighting. Punches to the back of head are already penalized in boxing, as are punches that land below the belt. Not mentioning getting hit behind the head increases the risk of injury and that shots below the belt could cause some even worse injuries to male boxers. People who review the things above say that, that would not be boxing if they made punches to the head illegal. Supporters of boxing emphasize that no one is forced into a boxing career.But it is a choice made by adults, the adults who want riches fame, and fans. Advocates of the sport go on to say that while there is a risk involved in a boxing career, there is also the possibility that boxers can accumulate great wealth. Far from being socially irresponsible, boxing represents one of the few chances many underprivileged people have to climb the social ladder, supporters say. They can become famous for winning a lot , obtaining belts, and being undefeated.

Now we are going to the other side, the other side that where people don’t want professional boxing to still be around. Critics of boxing argue that it is unethical to allow people to fight due to the immense health risks involved. The high percentage of ex-boxers who suffer from chronic brain injury creates a good reason to end the sport for real. They say it doesn’t only kill some boxers it also causes some major injuries, injuries such as chronic brain damage. Opponents of boxing also point out that many people who used to box suffer from acute eye damage after they retire from the ring. Boxing’s foes further argue that activities such as gladiatorial competitions and dueling have been phased out of society, and that boxing should also be. Although sports such as football and hockey can also result in catastrophic injury, those sports are ethically permissible because they are not supposed to or made to hurt others to win or please the fans in some way. Critics also say that boxers often do not know about the risks involved in boxing because “greedy” managers and promoters don’t tell them any negative information about the sport itself. While it is true that the most successful boxers can earn a good living from fighting, the majority retire from the ring as poor as they were when they entered it, opponents say. Like the boxers will compete to some extent but they don’t end up making lots of money like pros and end up still poor or not having a lot of money. So boxers will quit the sport because they lose interest or don’t see a point to keep going because they are not “getting rich beyond their dreams.”

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