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What Brings You Joy: Essay

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When I want to forget about worries, stress, and time, I draw.

Drawing is one of the most relaxing activities I partake in. It has always had a special place in my life. Something about picking up a pencil and being able to put whatever is in my mind on paper is fascinating to me. With every line drawn and erased, every curve reshaped and adjusted, I become more engrossed in the act of drawing. Drawing is something that has never caused me stress, it has always been relaxing, I’m not entirely sure why.

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I’ve noticed throughout the years that art takes time. One cannot rush a perfect painting or a detailed drawing. The artist must put every painstaking minute into the minute details so that it will satisfy the viewer and the artist himself or herself. This attention to detail is the biggest reason why I can spend hours drawing and have it only feel like a few minutes. Getting lost in my art helps me forget about worldly problems and issues I may have to deal with. Art is my escape, it is what brings me joy when I’m feeling down. I feel joy and a sense of accomplishment when I see my completed artwork. These feelings of pride and contentment help me wish to come back and draw something new and wonderful the next day.

Most importantly, art can never end. As long as I have use of my hands, my art can continue. Art is not something that I can run out of, unlike food or money; objects of the world. The reason my art cannot run out is that it is in my head. Whatever is in my imagination can stay there, or be placed on paper if I choose. In this way, I can keep my drawings for years and years without even physically seeing them. When the time comes, I can draw these objects in my head and share them with others. This sense that there is no finality to my art is what gives me comfort in my art and drives me to continue working and drawing whenever possible.

I lose myself in my art. All the sketches and drawings represent the hours I’ve spent escaping. To escape from worry, stress, from pressure. I continue to draw because of how relaxing it is. A beautiful drawing may take hours upon hours, but the time and effort are worth it. I won’t lose my art, even in my old age. I won’t be able to share my art as well as I can now, but my art will still be with me in my imagination. That is a very comforting thought, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have the ability to draw.

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