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What Celebrating the Cannabis Cup Means for the World?

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The legalization and regulation of cannabis across the United States market marks a significant time in history. Apart from giving the plant its much-needed recognition, the world is also shedding light to the benefits and advantages marijuana brings to its many users around the globe. From aiding in pain management to being used recreationally, there is no denying the reach marijuana has today.

Because of the wonderful feats the plant has done for various sectors in society, it is only right that its contributions are highlighted and celebrated. One of the events which seek to commemorate the importance of cannabis and even CBD oil in the field is the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Held annually, the Cannabis Cup is a festival spearheaded by High Times. The festival serves as an avenue for up and coming businesses in the scene to showcase their products and offerings through a series of competitions. Founded by Steven Hager, the event initially launched in Amsterdam in 1988, before finding its way to the United States come 2010.

Hager’s founding on the time-honored tradition stemmed from his desire to foster a closer community that is made up of like-minded individuals. More than this, Hager founded the Cup as a means for manufacturers and marijuana enthusiasts to come together and market their products towards the community. Titles and awards will be given to winners at the end of the event, with victors coming from different categories.

The event allows business owners and manufacturers alike to showcase their products, including CBD oil edibles, CBD infused beauty products, pure CBD vape oil, and many more. Apart from providing access to these kinds of hemp and marijuana products, the cup also serves as an event where people can gather to enjoy the music, attend educational talks and seminars, and simply revel in the journey of marijuana in the world today.

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The High Times Cannabis Cup is a recognized event not only in Amsterdam and some states in the United States but also in different parts of the world. Through its yearly traditions and observations, the event successfully calls for change and awareness in society in terms of addressing the current landscape of marijuana. From recognizing the need to boost legalization and decriminalization proceedings in various parts of the globe to building a stronger community, there is no doubt that the festival effectively tackles current issues in the landscape today.

Today, the unparalleled growth and reach of the event finds itself across different states within the nation, including California, Colorado, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Portland, Rhode Island, and many more. The latest event to have spearheaded change and awareness, as well as accessibility, is the 2019 Detroit Cannabis Cup held last August 2019. States who continue to hold their own versions or observations usually shed its focus on medical marijuana and or its coexistence with recreational marijuana use.

The competition gave birth to the continuous advance and eventual legacy of cannabis in the booming market today. Winners and other participants emerged as leaders in the local and global scenes, paving way for other businesses and manufacturers to follow suit.

In many ways, the importance of the event lies on the community-building aspect it fosters as well as the very celebration of the plant itself. In acknowledging the changes it has enacted throughout countless places, the festivities emphasize not only the continued demand of the people but also the constant improvements and rewards it provides users.

In time, the world may soon see the Cannabis Cups as a representation of America with a brighter and higher future, particularly from a business standpoint. Until then, the community continues its fight towards decriminalization and legalization one step at a time.

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