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What Do You Value Most in Life: Opinion Essay

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Over the years growing up, I knew the importance of maintaining good relationships; between parents, friends, colleagues, and supervisors. The connections we make with others define our lives. I always strive to build stronger relationships. The relationship I value most in life is with my parents; it roots in my childhood and continues to impact my adulthood life. My parents are my emotional support because I could always count on them to have my back. Me, I don’t have regular everyday communication with my folks, but in any case, I take care of them a great deal, particularly my father. I used to imagine that I was attracted to individuals who were like him. The reality of the situation was, I was searching for myself in the individuals who were like him. Maybe I would acknowledge I wasn’t him all things considered. I would realize myself better and feel more secure.

Generally, I’ll like to consider myself an introvert, and to some extent, I’ve made progress to make new friends at every opportunity I get. It’s always wise speculation to invest time and vitality in friends; who love us, bolster us, and are there for us in stressful situations. But on the other hand, it’s astute to focus on the weak ties in our groups of friends. Because there’s nothing too close to home that may risk impeding us, it’s about common advantages. Wherever we go, these weak ties can be our brand drivers, our business, and our open life. They can be scaffolds to our futures, and create ways to new possibilities. What’s more, before we know it, a portion of these weak ties may transform into long-haul associates, intimate connections, or even families. Therefore, don’t be imprudent. Careful thought goes far.

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Finally, my relationship with myself is meaningful, as well. It ensures excellent treatment for my body, mental health, and focus. It is, without question, the most significant relationship that we should value most. At last, you are the unrivaled individual that will stay with you for each second of your human life. How you converse with yourself, how you treat yourself, and how you consider yourself are altogether exceptionally noteworthy issues that you ought to always be aware of. Taking a shot at your connection with yourself resembles dealing with a relationship with a perpetual life accomplice. My father has always been the most important person in my life. His academic success has always been a source of motivation in my life. For me, it has been growth and performance and has implied venturing outside of my customary range of familiarity. It requires some investment from me, so I’m in no situation to pass judgment; I plan to partake in creating a better world. Right now, this is my domain of concentration; however, I need to add to the world in the most meaningful manner conceivable in different territories too.

My Dad frequently moved me to discover things I’m good at. Growing up, he regularly reminds me to go after things with a reward mentality. Changing my approach to things, not considering the prize, and attempting things for the experience helped me to all the more likely comprehend what I truly needed to do with my life. My father’s guides center around my qualities, not my shortcomings. If I center around strengths, I’m bound to feel cheerful because I feel proficient and can handle challenges thrown at me. He has these fascinating experiences, including trials and struggles he has overcome to make him the person he is today. He once told me to: ‘always be optimistic. There’s enough wealth in the market for everybody.’ He always comprehends that sharing information and connections doesn’t make him less successful. Reasonably, the more he shares, the almost certain he is to learn and grow more. In conclusion, my father is my mentor. I look up to him for advice, and emotional support; he is always available, a good listener, and gives constructive feedback. He has always set an excellent example for me and truly lived up to his promises. His commitment has given me the clarity to work hard to accomplish all my dreams and goals with a positive mindset. I have learned, and hopefully, I believe it has changed my life in a significant number of ways and inspired me to achieve more.

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