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What Does Music Mean to You: Opinion Essay

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Music is my life. That is a fact simply stated. Looking back on my life so far that is the only one that is consistent and significant to me. Everything I did incorporate and revolves around the art of music. Raised in a household where music was always present, it was easy to develop an early appreciation for unique melodies. When I first got introduced to my instrument I was amazed at how a tiny object could make so many intricate and unique sounds. In the early stages of my music career, I started to play the violin but slowly transitioned to the double bass. I never quite appreciated my instruments enough to love both the bass and the violin. I continued to learn the violin to refine my music theory and adapt to new sounds. Playing an instrument gave me a new perspective on life in terms of the dedication needed and the complete effect on your daily lifestyle.

Learning and instrument require a dedication to practice which can lead to a ludicrous amount of hours. But I remember as a seven-year-old, trying to practice was similar to going to the doctor. I couldn't handle the pressure. Now how did I get to a point where I can practice five hours a day? First, it took 10 years of years of maturity and a shift in attitude. It took me to realize that the hours you put in will translate to unprecedented results. But ultimately it was due to my commitment to the bass. Quitting was never an option when you put in these many hours and this much effort looking back is not even a possibility. Achieving this level of commitment comes naturally as you learn the bass. Eventually, through many ups and downs, you'll develop a need and desire to practice. This commitment rubs off in different aspects of your life as well such as school work, and even on the sports field. Long hours in rehearsals with moody conductors teach you patience and improve your mental fitness. Difficult assignments in school or at work might not seem so tough in the long run because you are used to working hard. A love for music can help you develop a unique pallet for music. Often I hear people criticize songs for various reasons, not being able to understand the true meaning of the piece. As a musician, you learn how to appreciate all forms of music and get to a point where u listen for more than just the music. The music then becomes a part of you and is part of your soul.

Music has helped me connect in a more spiritual way and has brought me closer to my religion of Hinduism. It has let me understand the scriptures in a rhythmic and complex way. I have been able to connect to my religion in a deeper way understanding the meaning and significance of every word and note. I have been able to grasp the understanding and relate it to my daily life.

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The music transitioned from being a small-time hobby to an essential part of me. Music was able to relax and calm me down as no other thing could. It took me to a whole new world where there were no worries about assignments or deadlines. The bass was able to inhibit my brain from wandering and gave me a new source of energy. It was refreshing and stimulated my brain like no other. It was able to hold my attention and was able to concentrate on various levels.

To me, music is more than just sound it's an art with complex rhythms and unique sounds, and plenty of emotion. In bigger terms music can be empowering and sometimes even moving. I believe music can be thought of as comparable to a book. You can splash words around creating something valuable and complex. But the best part is to write something that conveys a story. Music can be fun complex, or sometimes even meaningful and motivating. It can translate to feelings of happiness and sorrow and can stir up emotions to bring about change. This is why music means so much to me it's the best means to express yourself but at the same time communicate and convey meaning in a unique way.

With the bass, you can experience a sense of inner peace and you acquire a level of respect when hearing other musicians. The art of music rubs off on other aspects of living, Like a normal love you will never forget, even if you won't play bass forever. You will find many ways to find enjoyment in any environment, one that many people won’t experience. Now as I continue to play the bass, I'm not so worried about being perfect but make sure I'm able to keep up with my commitment level. I can play the bass and simply enjoy the natural sounds and the gifts it has given me for over 12 years of playing.

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