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What if There Is No Mobile Phone? Essay

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Have you ever noticed that every morning that you wake up that your hands go to your phone? This is not something to worry about. The reason for this is that our mobile phones have a huge impact on our lives, they are a must. Yes, a must. Think about it, every night whilst in bed, you have the urge to look at your phone, these mobiles are so helpful that they prevent us away from being bored, upset and nervous. It seems ridiculous to see other parents taking their children’s mobile phones off them, just because they were on it for a couple of minutes before sleeping, this has happened to me. I still remember how hard my mum shut the door after she had an outburst of anger, the fear in my eyes and the disappointment in hers, while my tears were running down my face trying persuade my mum that mobiles are our future of some kids. Now, I will change your perspective.

Mobile phones are effective in many ways. Can you imagine trying to communicate with someone living somewhere else. Without a mobile? Approximately four billion people don’t have access to a phone. Isn’t that upsetting for them? People that might not have the opportunities to speak to someone living somewhere else. As you will be sure to agree, mobile phones ae so helpful in so many ways: communication, social life and education. No one ever seems to really communicate with people personally. Think about it, would you rather have the chance to speak to someone over the phone with many apps (e.g. Facetime, WhatsApp and Snapchat) or have to personally go and meet them. For example, I have a memory when I was home, and I had to call my gran who was in grieving after losing her husband. Without my mobile phone I wouldn’t have able to phone my grandmother. Isn’t that concerning, not being able to hear or see her in these very difficult times. Communication isn’t always text, but a photo, completely removing the need for words to convey a response. Not only communication, but mobiles hold your memories, selfies and the most important pictures with your family and friends.

As the time goes on the meaning of entertainment changes. Good way or bad way. The Statistics Portal stated that, 4.68 billion of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone. That means other people of this world have the freedom they deserve. They can talk to whoever they want without any problems, ask the brain of the mobile phone ‘Google’ any questions that are unanswered in their own mind. Our mobile phones have become a source of unlimited entertainment. Do you ever personally listen to the radio anymore, sitting in a car and waiting for minutes for that song to finish, but on the other hand, you have this phone in which you can open any song without waiting. So, would you listen to the radio or choose this smart, powered and nifty portable phone? The answer to this question is in the hands of the most of the world.

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One of the main reasons, people can’t stop using mobile phones, is just because they are secure, smart and safe. No one will ever try to invade your privacy as our mobiles phones are so secure that they are designed with a phone lock system, you can use a pin, code or even your fingerprint. Fingerprint? Who would imagine, that one day these devices would be capable of unlocking someone’s phone with their own fingerprint. When I was younger, I had nothing like this. So, I used to write whatever I felt in a small purple diary I received from Santa Claus. Sometimes I was upset, frustrated, or I was sparkling with happiness. I wrote all of that in that little diary. Unfortunately, hiding your diary doesn’t stop your parents secretly checking what you wrote every night. I would always see them doing that without them noticing that I was awake. That’s the time were, I felt exposed. Now I have a phone I can write in without anyone unlocking it without my permission. Privacy in mobile phones can change anything, anything you want. Think about the privacy you had before these smart phones, without the lock screen, without passwords for social media. Your life could have been invaded.

Some say these mobile phones have negatives. The main negative side in my point of view is distraction. Something no one would want to get caught by. Do you ever feel that embarrassment when you are distracted from the world outside because of being on your phone, that you have physically bumped into another person before? Not being the only problem, texting while driving is the main issues as well. The website Technobezz says, that adults are just as likely as teens to have texted while driving and are substantially more likely to have talked on the phone while driving. Would you ever risk anyone’s life in that car if you received a notification that could kill everyone if you looked at it? The National Safety Council reports that cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes each year. Did you know that ninety-four percent of drivers support a ban on texting while driving and seventy-four percent of drivers support a ban on hand-held cell phone use. However, I still believe that mobile phones have a huge impact on our lives, as they help with so many stuff that we couldn’t have done without them. These problems aren’t impossible to fix as they have so many solutions that could fix them. For example, we now have these rules from the government, people who are seen with a phone in their hands whilst driving a car are fined up to two-hundred pounds or more and they might lose their license, if they passed their driving test in the last two years. So, why do we hate mobile phones when we can solve their problems so easily.

Sometimes we take the time to think carefully and realize the truths we always wanted to know. How these mobile phones help you to communicate with people you might never be able to see or speak to. They also show another side to entertainment, the one that can teach you, make you a better person and helping the ones, who need privacy, get what they want. These include having your own made-up passwords, so people you don’t want, can’t go into anything you don’t want them to. Without these ‘pointless’ phones we would never be able to do things we were doing right now in our lives. Applying for jobs, studying for tests or exams and even the smallest things like texting a friend a happy birthday text, if you were unable to see them. Would you really want to discard these mobile phones, the ones which give you these different opportunities or avoid them and continue life with difficulties.

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