What Is A Comfort Station?

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Desperate for the loo? You do not have to get down and dirty in the wild! All you need do is get into a comfort station and get relieved! It is a natural call for each and everyone to ease their body of the processed result of food intake, which could be by either urinating or defecating. Having understood that visiting the toilet is a natural call peculiar to everyone, comfortable structures where individuals can ease themselves whenever nature calls should be a priority next to providing water for a community. It is expedient to know that a comfort station is always built solely for public use,

A comfort station is a place, usually, a limited-access highway where one eases its body, it could either be a whole building or a room filled with flush toilet facilities such as wash hand basin, water system and lavatory facilities.

The primitive comfort station differs to the modernized own, in that, the toilet facilities in a primitive comfort station does not qualify for the standard of the vast majority public health agencies. In contrast, a comfort station in a modernized age adopts the recommendation by using effluent chemical sterilization of sewage while the primitive comfort station uses a natural process of sewage disposal. The primitive comfort stations were constructed with necessity in mind considering privacy

Most comfort stations are big, while some aren’t in some areas when you say a comfort station, what comes to mind is a grandeur building that makes travellers or people in a working community comfortable. In this scenario, we can picture a big building usually tagged a station with a restroom or rooms as the case may be, well-equipped toilet and water facilities. On the other hand, some play stations are just what can be tagged as a public toilet, that is, the only available facility for comfortability is the toilet closet and the wash hand basin for rinsing your hand after using the toilet.

Comfort station can be used in various context, in Milton, Oregon and Massachusetts; it is used as a milder term for a public toilet, some, however, use it as a euphemism for a brothel. Comfort station in another context is a washroom, a room most suitable for washing hands and face. It can as well be a location with a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination.

Comfort stations are strategically situated at centre of people attraction that is places where people visit often and where it can be easily accessed. There shouldn’t be any controversy as to the accessibility of a comfort station when comfort stations are part of building housing several other facilities, direct outside entrance should be provided. A tedious access to a comfort station might as well imply availability only to the crème la crème of the environment, if a comfort station is intended for public usage there should be no concession to its availability.

The important practical need of proper hygiene implies the first need of strict adherence to the rules; laws and regulatory provisions of the managing authority of the specific comfort station; beyond this are other practical and beauty and attraction considerations, which may not be disregarded. The importance of smooth and impervious materials for the floor, walls, dismemberment and other such interior surfaces is not to be minimized. Ease of cleaning will determine the degree of cleanliness that will prevail over the long run, pieces of equipment and materials conforming to modern-day standard should be adopted for all interior details.

The comfort station is usually incorporated in a park building which combines other facilities in the park. The structural organization of comfort stations differ, while some comfort station serves both genders under the same roof. With the arrangement of separate entrances so that each structure is reasonably remote from the other, the approaches and the entrance is usually clearly marked with “female”, “male”, “boy”, “girl” or drawings depicting which gender could access the section as the case may be, others have different buildings built for each gender, although reasonably not far from each other.

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A substantial soundproof partition completely separates the toilet section for each gender. In the primitive days, the pit privies, there is a clear-cut separation of vaults serving the male gender and that of the females. When using a comfort station, you expect to share with a few other campers. A standard comfort station should be well illuminated and ventilated, the windows should be placed the eye level for privacy, or an obscured glass could be used for the window, practically, the most suitable toilet room window is hinged at the bottom to enable it open inward. Chain fastened which protects it for turbid weather, doors to the toilet should be self-closing, provided the windows are screened, the door openings should also be screened.

Comfort stations are mostly situated in parks and recreational centre, campground, market place, filling station, entertainment venues, museums, cinema. Comfort station at a campground mostly have shower areas and toilet facilities; comfort stations are built in campgrounds so people could relieve themselves with ease without loitering the camp surroundings, some comfort station in camp includes soap dispensers, dryers and washing machine, this section is most likely found in the washing section of the station

As much as comfort station is for public use, there are comfort stations built by the public, and there are those that are owned by private individuals, for comfort stations owned by private individuals, users have additional privacy and more materials for comfort. Location of comfort station determines its architectural infrastructures, for a comfort station located in freezing temperature. If at such times, it will not be heated, provisions must be made for complete drainage and all pipe fixtures, whether to make a comfort station suitable for use in a freezing temperature is largely determined by the economics of utility in the circumstances.

Cleaning and maintain a comfort station is usually performed by the attendants assigned to the job by the management of the comfort station, he or she maintain and clean facilities ensuring that the towels, toilet soap and paper are well stocked, also ensure proper usage of the facilities. In rare cases, we have volunteers offering to help clean comfort stations. Comfort station needs periodic maintenance, Expectations of most individuals while using a comfort zone is privacy, which differs, privacy to some people is that urinal partition facilities are made available, to some it is that the comfort station has cubicle doors or toilet cubicles.

The world health organization stated a standard for comfort stations which is “suitable, private, and safe to use for all intended users, taking into consideration their gender, age and physical mobility …” An ideal comfort station should take into consideration age, gender and prevention of disease transmission by installing sensor-operated fixtures such as faucets, soap, dispensers and sanitizers.

Cleanliness of a public toilet cannot be overemphasized; it is one of the essential requirements of a healthy population, so accurate is the saying that comfort stations are the most visited after religious buildings, to avoid spreading diseases, it is healthy that comfort station amenities are hygienic. Another usage of comfort zones is for those who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks and other psychological issues, to these set of people comfort stations serves as a sort of refuge, a place where they can collect their thoughts.

Another category of people that benefit from the advantage of a comfort station are homeless people, put comfort station is a place where homeless people put their things together, that is taken care of personal hygiene. Cities like Los Angeles have tried implementing stations that are more mobile for their homeless people.

Availability of comfort stations is at the attraction of national and international concerns on health and sanitation. Across board, sustainable development goals (SDGs) goal 3 and 6 focuses on “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages” and “ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” respectively, a step to achieve these goals is providing more comfort zone, healthy and hygienic for public utility.

Comfort stations are amazing inventions which without it, the world will be a different place, without comfort stations there would be wasting all around our neighbourhood and vicinities, comfort station is a new way of managing excreta’s and other body wastes which is a new way of eco-sanitation toilet system and environmental cleanliness.

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