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What Is My View on Teaching Philosophy

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Throughout my years of attending public school, I have encountered so many different teaching philosophies and the perspectives of different levels of teachers, administration and staffing. You notice the older you get and the higher you go up into education you stop seeing teachers really caring about your educational well-being. By the time you get to high school you are just another number apart of a quota they are trying to make for a graduation rate. You may see a few who are truly trying to see you succeed but I haven’t witnessed many in my lifetime. Especially now being in college you are truly only counting on yourself. Professors aren't too concerned if you pass or fail. Your adults you should be able to do for yourself. But that’s the thing some people aren't able to do it on their own some have been carried all the way to college and now don’t know how get through school on their own.

My philosophy of teaching is that each child is unique and that they have a learning environment that will stimulate their growth emotionally, socially, physically and mentally. My ultimate desire is to create an environment where students want to come and learn for themselves not because it’s a requirement but because they want to. Back how Erasmus back in the Renaissance “human is capable of profound insight but also of great stupidity” (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek & Vocke, 2017). They have to want it for themselves. I would hope that with my philosophy that students would believe that I am genuine and not see me as being fake.

If you were to ask who are the leaders in a school, you will either get administrations, principles or teachers as your top answers. Teachers are the closest leaders to work with students, they demonstrate what leadership is supposed to look like. Teachers are supposed to be the positive change that will encourage students to do better and be better. We set the pace of how students will act in the educational environment. We have to empower students to want to learn as well as take their education into their own hands. We can show them how to be honest, to respect others and have integrity not only within themselves but showing others.

Even when the schools aren’t the most diverse teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students. When creating an educational environment, we want it to be an open space for all races, culture, gender or any minority. We have to be open to others and make them feel welcome. Sometimes it's hard for those to learn in an environment they aren't used to so we have to be able to adjust. We wouldn't a nonexclusive environment being the falter of them not getting their education.

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I couldn’t tell you how many times growing up I have had a teacher or professor try and teach me and they do not know what they are talking about. As teachers we must know the content we are speaking on and should be able to elaborate on the things we are teaching. But I also feel we shouldn’t elaborate like we are the smartest thing walking. We are humans and have things to learn as well but we should have the means to find out. Also talk about things that matter and are impacting our students today. Showing them that you are hip to what's going on in the 21st century keeps you relevant as a teacher.

As a teacher, a lesson plan has to make sense not only for the grade you are teaching, but the type of students you are teaching. If you see you’re in a class of hands-on learners and you decide to just lecture to them, how are you reaching your students effectively. Putting your students in situations they aren't used to is another job as a teacher. Make them work together and meet people they normally don't talk to, have them working with technology or even situation where they have to do some critical thinking is a way you can facilitate learning. As Quintilian stated in his educational theory believed “certain individuals with the right disposition can be prepared as leaders through liberal and oratorical education” (Ornstein, Levine, Gutek & Vocke, 2017). Basically, as teachers if we were to prep our students, they will be able to do anything.

I always had the assumption that teachers are reflecting on the students when they are doing exams, midterms and their end of year assessments to see if they really have learned something. Teachers must reflect on their practice. When we reflect is shows us the mistakes we have made and allows us to grow from stuff in the past. I feel as a teacher we must track our student’s growth throughout the year to see what they are retaining, as well as see what I can do to better equip them from the final exams and life.

Overall, teachers are the true contributors to the academic success of students. We have the information to have a basis general knowledge to have a good paying job. But as teachers we would hope that our students shoot for higher and that we can be an aid to push them to their fullest potential. The teaching philosophy you teach by can either motivate or degrade a student’s learning passion. I would enact my teaching philosophy in my classroom is buy actually talking to my students about and explain to them the vision has for the class. Being honest with the new generation today is important because we can tell when professors are just feeding us lies. If we can have a common understanding then I think the time we have together can be effective as possible.


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