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All of us are proud of what race we came from and all of us love our own country no matter what happens. Now in our essay, we will talk about patriotism and how we can say that one person s a patriot.

First, we are defining patriotism as love for own country or homeland. It means one person who's having patriotism by heart is working hard and honestly doing something for his own country, like sacrificing himself or his whole life for the sake of his own country. Part of this patriotism is his strong connection and compassion for his motherland. He as a patriot is always concerned for the improvement and growth of his country. His actions and all his decisions are always focused on how his country can benefit from his deeds and how he can give pride to his own country. A patriot will not do anything just for his interest, he will always be honest and loyal for the cost of his country. If one person is a real patriot, he will be one of the pride and asset of his homeland.

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One of the characteristics of being a real patriot is having real compassion and having the courage to fight for his country. He will always be willing to sacrifice something and not be scared to offer his life for the sake of his country. One of the best examples of people who have patriotism are the soldiers, they are a group of people who always sacrifice their life for them to get the freedom that their country needed. They are not afraid to lose their life in a time of war, they aim to fight not for themself but for the cost of their loved country and they have unmeasurable sympathy, consideration, and kindness for their countrymen. They are respected and admired by their fellow citizens who cried when those soldiers passed away because their life was sacrificed. Like the soldiers, one who is a real patriot is always ready to sacrifice his all. He even put his own life at risk for his country. Real patriots always have the eagerness to serve their homeland. Not only do soldiers have this attitude of patriotism, but even some of the leaders in every country can also be considered as those patriots who put their life at risk just to serve their loved country. Some of them have real concern and love for their countrymen and they are real patriots, but some of them are serving as a leader, not for the sake of their country but only care about their interests, so they are considered traitors or fake patriots.

Those patriots are very important in every country, they deserve the respect and trust of their homeland due to the sacrifices that they are doing for their country. He is a loyal citizen. But what is the role of the patriot in his own country? A real patriot plays an important role in the progression of his own country. They are the one who stands strong, face trials, and fight for the rights of their countries. Their unchanged real love and compassion for their homeland give them the courage and motivation to do whatever their country needed.

We can proudly say that patriotism is one of the important virtue that all people and countries should have. But patriotism should not be aggressive if it will be aggressive his motive to give peace and prosperity to his country will lead to danger. Yes, it's good to have a love for his homeland but it's not good if his patriotism will look down on other countries. Having aggressive patriotism will destruct one’s vision for his country. We should always look at this patriotism as a good quality that can develop and preserve. A real patriot should open his mind broadly and have a perspective that all people have equal dignity in life, that even if he loves his homeland he should not keep in his mind that his country and another country should have division, he should include in his perspective and vision that someday the whole world will be one and will have a mutual and good relationship with each other, having his patriotism in heart can make it happen. Always remember that all patriots are one of the pride of every country.

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