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What is Politics Essay

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Politics is a powerful force that shapes how individuals, groups and institutions interact to shape our societies. From local to global, politics permeates every aspect of life, from decisions on how resources are distributed to the exercise of power. It is an art of governance, through which different individuals and organizations can come together in order to regulate economic and social issues. By understanding the complexities and dynamics of politics, one can begin to understand how individuals and collectives work together to create the foundations for their collective futures. 

This essay will explore the significance of politics in human society, examining its role in shaping the distribution of power and resources as well as its impact on our collective destiny.

All Around Us

Politics is a pervasive presence in our lives, affecting us in both large and small ways. Politics is often at play, from the decisions made in our homes to those made at the local and national level. The dictionary defines it as “the activities associated with the governance of a country, especially the debate between parties having power”. But this definition only scratches the surface of what politics truly means - it is an ever-evolving practice affecting all facets of society, from interpersonal relationships to global institutions.

Politics are an essential part of our lives, influencing almost every decision we make. From the taxes we pay to the school system we send our kids to, and the healthcare options that are available to us, politics shape the world around us. As citizens, it's crucial for us to be informed and engaged with political matters in order to ensure that our voices are heard and that our best interests are being taken into consideration.

Furthermore, politics is a pervasive presence in our lives. From the moment we wake up and brush our teeth to when we lay our head down at night, politics impacts us all. Whether we are interested or not, it is important to stay informed about how politics affects us individually as well as on a local, national, and global level. Doing so can help us stay connected to the world around us and make more informed decisions in everyday life.

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Different Forms

In a representative democracy, citizens are granted the right to choose their leaders, who, in turn, will exercise power on their behalf. On the other hand, a dictatorship is ruled by a single individual or group who has complete control over the state and its affairs. Monarchy is somewhat different - it involves rule by a monarch who inherits his or her position from either birthright or marriage to someone currently holding the title. This type of government affords some privileges to the ruler; however, the state's laws restrict these rights. Finally, there is a theocracy which utilizes religious leaders for governing; depending on how influential this leader will be they can be anything from a supreme leader to an occasional spiritual guide.

The Goal of Politics

Politics aim to work towards a just and equitable society for all members. Politics often involves making difficult decisions about the allocation of resources, like money or time. For instance, governments have to decide how much funding should be allocated for education versus defense. These decisions can be made with the goal of advancing the public interest, but they may also be influenced by special interest groups seeking to pursue their own interests at the expense of society as a whole. Nevertheless, politics strives to create a society that works for everyone by promoting the general good.

More From Scientific Side

Political science is a field that examines the functioning of government systems and institutions, applying theories and research methods to investigate political situations in order to develop policy recommendations. It studies who participates in politics and why they do so, while exploring what governments do (and why) as well as how decisions are made. This academic discipline takes into account all aspects of politics to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

By the way, political science is a diverse field of study that encompasses three unique areas: comparative politics, international relations, and political theory. Comparative politics looks at the similarities and differences between government systems across the globe, aiming to provide explanations for those distinctions. International relations focuses on relations between states, exploring topics like foreign policy and military alliances. Lastly, political theory delves into theoretical questions regarding justice and democracy while also wrestling with practical issues surrounding them.


In conclusion, politics is an essential part of society that shapes the way we live and make decisions. It helps drive social justice, economic progress and global cooperation. Understanding politics is necessary for anyone who wants to be involved in the democratic process and help build a better world.

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