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What Is Reputation Economy?

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According to Forbes Magazine, a reputation economy is a marketplace where brands or professionals are treated like products and are rated, commented on, and judged based on reputation. (Schawbel, Dan). If a brand creates positive interactions, it will open opportunities, whereas a negative brand will diminish its reputation in the marketplace.

With the development of Internet evolution, more and more people search for brands and products based on their personalities before approaching to providers and make the decisions. Facebook and Youtube are the most common reviews that bring opportunities to analyze a product before turning into the final result.

Part of the reputation economy is about how you gain professional in front of your colleagues. Based on my performances and understanding about my fields, people can see whether I am good enough to continue my work in the future. I love listening to music, and in my social media such as Facebook and Instagram, I usually share and post the contents of songs and singers that I like. I am passionate and compassionate to learn and inspire people and dedicated to healing my beloved through music. Websites that have digital music and video streaming services such as Spotify or Youtube allow me to access to millions of songs as well as contents from artists without any charge. Whenever I find a catchy tune, I download it and keep in my playlist so I can easily play again while driving or studying. I also can share song titles or meaningful lyrics to share with my friends and family. In music and other relating fields like lyrics, composers, artists, I can establish my credibilities to my beloved. They can also access my blogs to find new playlists that I shared. Then, they will make comments or share my posts to spread my influences to more people. As my social content influences a lot of people, my reputation economy also increases.

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Moreover, I usually play guitar in my free time since I had learned to play when I was young. And it is a great feeling as I listen to a song and cover it again in my style. It cannot be better than playing my song and sing it in front of my friends when I go camping. We can share memories and make everyone get close together around firewood with these beautiful melodies.

The two things that work for me is social media and my guitar skill. I am not an Internet celebrity over time. I start with a small following, mostly come from my connection on social media. However, I am consistent. Like everything else, it takes time and occasionally lucks to become successful, but we cannot get lucky if we are not consistent. The reputation economy opens up with opportunities associated with digital personas. Thanks to the Internet, people are getting easier to approach social media and interaction between others.

People who do not want quick, at least they have a chance to succeed. So don’t hesitate to work, because you deserve to become successful when you put in the effort.

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