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What Is the Difference Between the Internet and the World Wide Web?

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Table of contents

  1. What Is the Internet?
  2. What Is the World Wide Web?
  3. Conclusion

Generally, people use the terms the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW) synonymously, but the fact is these two terms are related not synonymous. The Internet and the World Wide Web are different but interrelated terms. However, there are many subtle differences in two terms. The misconception about these two terms is common and hence these terms are used interchangeably.

What Is the Internet?

When we talk about the Internet, it is a much broader concept than the World Wide Web (WWW). The Internet is a global network comprised of millions of computers connected with each other for exchange of information. You can say the Internet is the connection between countless separate servers, computers and devices. In fact, there could be countless Internets, any time a series of computer can be connected and enabled to exchange information. In our day-to-day life we use mobile phones as device. When we use our mobile data to play games with friends around the world, we exchange information the Internet. Our mobile becomes a part of network.

The Internet is the medium that connects the world. It is decentralized. There are many ways to access the Internet. There are millions of Internet users in the world. The Internet is also used for email, which depends on SMTP, Usenet newsgroups, instant messaging, and FTP.

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What Is the World Wide Web?

World Wide Web abbreviated as www, is an application or system used on the Internet. The World Wide Web is a collection of web pages following the particular protocol that can be accessed through the Internet.

The World Wide Web is a model for sharing information through the Internet, or it’s a method of accessing or navigating content over the Internet. The World Wide Web or mostly referred to as a network uses the HTTP protocol, one of the most commonly used languages ​​on the Internet, to transfer data. The Web also uses browsers, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, to access web documents called web pages that are linked to each other via hyperlinks. Web documents contain graphics, sound, video, and so on. Documents can be formatted with a markup language that supports links to other documents. You can navigate from one document to another by simply clicking hyperlinks. There are many websites on the Internet. Like Internet emails, instant messages cannot be sent over the Internet. The World Wide Web cannot be accessed without the Internet. The Internet is hardware and the World Wide Web is software.


So, in conclusion, the World Wide Web is part or a slightly larger part of the Internet, but the two terms are not synonymous and should not be used interchangeably.

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