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What Is Welfare State Of Medina?

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Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was forty years age when he started preaching Islam in Makkah. Your jihad began against the dominant and capitalist class, which kept the weak and the poor as their slaves. Rehmat-ul-Allah Alamin became the largest support of this weak and inferior class. During the twelve years (610 to 622 AD) powerful leaders fought against Mecca and suffered their atrocities. He traveled to Medina so that he could become the center of his power and to defeat the oppressive class. Mecca was the city of Amir Kabir Tzar, while in Madinah there were Arab settlers associated with agriculture. However, mutual differences and civil war had weakened the tribes of Medina. The third largest section of Medina, the Jews, also used to ignite the differences between the Arab tribes. As the new city also had different problems waiting for the Prophet.

Establishment of first Welfare State Of Madina

The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) not only solved all the problems with goodwill, affection and amusement, but also laid the foundation of a welfare and humanitarian state in Madinah that had not been addressed in the past. The welfare state of Madinah became one of the first examples of its kind in human history due to its many qualities. In an attempt to prevent the oppressive forces in human society from being oppressive and to save the weak, they could not take a definite shape.

About one thousand years ago, in India, Ashok Azam was active in the welfare of the poor, but he could not establish a regular welfare structure. It was the privilege of Rahmat-ul-Allah Amin to establish the first welfare state in the world.

Consitutation of Madina

Arriving in Medina, the Prophet Karim drafted a kind of state constitution called ‘Misak e Madina’ to eliminate mutual differences of citizens and for good governance. In the past, the Valley States of Djelah and Euphrates, Egypt and Greece also had constitutions, but we do not see the right document, such as the ‘Misak e Medina’. This constitution contributed significantly to the formation of a welfare state in Medina.

It states: ‘Every citizen of the state will fight against injustice, injustice and corruption.’

The Quran aims to determine the purpose of the Islamic State ‘These are the people who, if we give them power in the land, they will establish prayer, pay zakat, command the well-known, and prevent the disbeliever, and all things are in Allah’s command.’

According to the verse, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) performed his duties in Medina and its inhabitants. Since the establishment of the state of Madinah, the purpose of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was the attainment of the Divine Mercy and public welfare. The foundation of this government was based on religious unity rather than family nudity and ethnic consciousness. The style of the administrator of this unique and unique state of his own was also radically different from that of ordinary rulers. Numerous examples of the conduct of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) as an administrator state reveal the true greatness of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW).

Declaration Of Zakat Nizam

By taking over the management of Medina Manorah, the Prophet made a number of revolutionary actions, but his focus was on solving the problems of the weak and the poor. He arranged intercourse between the Ansar and the refugees so that the problems of the poor refugees could be solved. Soon zakat was declared ‘farz’. The aim was to take capital from the rich and spend it on the welfare of the poor. Zakat was later added to the members of Islam only for the rehabilitation of the weak and marginalized.

Parliament System In State Of Madina

The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) appointed a chief over ten people of each locality, called ‘Naqib’. The head of the ten constables was called ‘Arif’. After that the parliament of the state of Madina consisting of one hundred and two was formed. Thus, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) demonstrated the best of good governance and shifted governmental powers to the lower levels of society. The first responsibility of every nakib was to see, in his neighborhood, any old, widow, orphan, unemployed, disabled, poor, Sick, etc. do not suffer from financial problems! The reason is that perhaps for the first time in human history, a ruler has declared that it is the government’s ‘duty’ to help the needy. Otherwise, it was the custom that once a humanitarian ruler came, he was the only one to help the poor. But the Holy Prophet made it the responsibility of the government to care for and help the poor people of the state. It was the historic and humanitarian social and economic revolution that took place in the welfare state of Medina Manora.

In the time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW), Yemen and Hijaz joined the Islamic government. Therefore, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) was particularly concerned about his piety, knowledge, intellect and understanding while appointing them in these areas. An important part of the Holy Prophet’s strategy in the selection of Imams was that those who requested to become volleyers would reject their request.

The strategy of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) in relation to the selection of officers was the interpretation of this verse in the Holy Quran. ‘Indeed Allah commands you to entrust the trusts to those who are worthy of them.’

Education System In The State Of Madina

In the Islamic State, education is given great importance. The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) had sent Hazrat Musa’b bin Amir to Madina just before the emigration, and after the emigration, the Prophet’s Prophet (SAW) received regular education status. Safa Chabhatra was built to teach and train non-native students. Since writing was not practiced in Arabia, the Prophet’s mission was to teach Hazrat Abdullah ibn Said ibn al-Asas and Hazrat Ibadah ibn Samat.

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Although we see that in the early days there was little money in Bait-ul-Maal, the poor of Madinah-Munawara began to receive food and clothing. Their whereabouts were also arranged. If the sick had no money, it would have been treated. The debt of poor borrowers would have been paid off. So the Prophet Karim introduced the world’s first social security system in Medina, which is practiced in many Western countries today. Under this system, the government took over the responsibility of meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable sections of society.

Charity System Implementation in the time of Khalifah Rashidin

While acting on the Sunnah, the Khalifah Rashidin supported the poor and the weak in their governments. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq had fought against the wealthy Kabir chiefs who had deviated from paying zakat. This step was taken to protect the poor. Hazrat Omar Farooq, working from Ijtihad, made the poor and needy non-Muslims eligible for ‘charity.’ He ordered that all the needs of poor non-Muslims be fulfilled from Bait ul mal.

Administrative System in the state of madina

For the first time in human history, the Prophet Karim established the welfare state of Medina Manorah. He established his secretariat or administrative center in the mosque Nabvi. In this Islamic society, the mosque became a religious, political and social center. Formulate internal and external policies. Establish a standard of education. Appoint a government officer on the merit and curse the Iqbal. The government has taken accountability to keep the checks and balances in place. All these important measures are weak as well. And helping the backward classes was your priority. The reason is that your invitation to Islam was an important aspect of Islam, to prevent the dominant and powerful classes from becoming oppressors and to restrict their forces. Only then can the weaker section of society lead a prosperous and prosperous life.

After the establishment of the State Secretariat, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) gave priority to the solution of economic problems. With the arrival of the refugees, there was a kind of emergency in Madinah. The economic situation of Ansar Madina was not the same, but some of them were moderate and some were wealthy. In this situation, the Muhsinat-ul-Islam (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) adopted the method that made the emigrants and Ansar Muslims brothers. The Ansar companions, due to their firm belief in the Islamic welfare system, offered sacrifices for the refugees, which had bilateral benefits. On one hand, the necessity of life for the refugees came to an end, and on the other hand the economic difference between the two classes of Ansar was gone.

It is a historical fact that in Madinah the economy of the day depended on the interest of the Jews but the Holy Prophet did not tell the refugees that you should start your business by borrowing interest from the Jews. On the contrary, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) asked Ansar Madinah to help his brothers and then introduced a debt-laundering system. When the people of the society started practically establishing the economy on unpaid loans through mutual cooperation, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) ended the curse by declaring interest completely forbidden.

The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) set the example for rulers of the world by teaching them how to eliminate poverty and poverty from society. And helped fight against it. Interesting and wonderful details about the people in whom the occasions were established are contained in the book How Ansar co-founded the refugees in his wealth. The hypocrites made every effort to spread hatred between the refugees and the Ansar, but occasions failed all their tricks.

Governments Rules Implementation

Remember, in the short span of eight to ten years after the Prophet’s coming to Medina, he succeeded in tunneling the powerful and influential chiefs of Arabia for the first time in human history. ‘All rich, Muslim, non-Muslim, black and white are equal before the law.’

The rule of law in Madinah continued. Once the daughter of a rich family committed a crime. If the Imam wanted to be forgiven or to receive less punishment, The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said, ‘If my daughter had committed a crime, she would have received the same punishment.’

Madinah was the first state in the world in which the law was for everyone and all human beings were equal in law. In today’s states, paper claims are made, but the law is not practiced anywhere for everyone. Financial and diplomatic rules are different for whites, while blacks and whites are separated.

Madinah, on the other hand, was a state in which, according to the requirements of justice, the decision of the Muslim judge was for the Jews to bear and for the Muslims it was necromancy. Once the Muhsinat humanity was asked to exempt the offender from the law, he said, ‘My daughter used to do the ashram as well.’ The Prophet Muhammad(SAW) himself became a Muslim among the Muslims during the last days of his life and said, ‘If I have wronged someone, take revenge.’ He illuminated this society from the destination of Adel Farooqi.

Pakistan: Islamic ideological state

After Madinah, Pakistan was the first state that came into being on the basis of Islamic ideology. During the Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan Movement, when the Quaid-e-Azam was asked about Pakistan’s legislation, he replied that Pakistan’s legislation It has been fourteen hundred years since today. What this leader meant was that this ideological state that existed for the Muslims would now be a practical picture of the state of Madinah. Sadly, today the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is occupied by landlords, capitalists, thieves and mischief-makers. Today, there is a need that the state of Pakistan should also be made an Islamic welfare state in the manner of the state of Madina so that the purpose of establishment of Pakistan can be fulfilled. But the thought of the moment is that if any serious effort is made to put the Kingdom of God on the same lines, then the interests of the community become one of the obstacles to achieving this goal.

In his first speech by Our present Prime Minister Imran Khan, the expected new rule of the homeland, who won the election, he reiterated that he wanted to give Pakistan a welfare state like Medina and that his focus was on the poor sections of society. Will focus on restoration and construction. Seeing to what extent do they fulfill their claims and promises?

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