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What Sociological Imagination Taught Me

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I am tired of this old me! I need a new and improved me that would change some aspects in my life. I need something or someone that would help me overcome obstacles that I cannot get passed. Maybe my parents, siblings and friends will help, or maybe I can do it on my own. I wonder how my life would be if I viewed things in others perceptions. I know what will do it, ‘The Sociological Imagination’ by C. Wright Mills.

To start, sociological imagination teaches people to “grasp history and biography and the relations between the two within society”. The concept is to interpret the difference between someone’s trouble and public issues, while knowing how it shifts from one side to the other. Personal troubles are private problems or challenges that an individual experience within themselves while, public issues are problems that society face as a whole. For example, if one person is unemployed that is a personal trouble, but if over two million people are unemployed then that is a public issue. The sociological imagination is meant to see things socially and see how they interconnect and impact one another.

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Needless to say, an experience I’ve had would be as I was growing up, I always wanted me to attend college, specifically Florida State University. My family had a prolonged history of going to Florida State and I did not want me to break it, but as I got closer to finishing high school that all changed. My parents encouraged me to apply for many different colleges but only one caught their eye and that was the Unsinkable Albany State University. A few weeks later I got my acceptance letter and told my parents. They were astounded! I knew Florida State University would be the best fit for me, but they told them otherwise. My parents knew this would be the best fit for me because I would be able to see how things are different in another state other than Florida.

Using the sociological imagination gave me a better understanding because “boxing up my college choices into a solitary experience would get me nowhere in life.” Seeing things from my parents perspective made me think that everything does not have to hereditary to for me to live. I should be able to be different and accept others beliefs other than mine. “The goal is not to dispassionate and distant, but rather to see yourself not as ‘natural’ or ‘normal’, but as a part of lager systems, the same way that all people are”.

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