What You Need to Know About Workers Compensation in Charlotte, NC

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How many of us truly consider the potential consequences of being seriously injured at work? No workplace is ever completely safe or without risk. Workers who get hurt on the job can go through physical, emotional, and financial difficulties. Getting the aid, they deserve can be grueling for them and their families. Costly hospital bills and treatments can destroy savings, increase stress and even lead to depression. Employees who are injured as a result of work activities are entitled to compensation.

Certain requirements to meet to receive the benefits. First, you have to be employed by the employer at the time of the injury. Secondly, your injuries must be caused by whatever tasks are required by the job. Thirdly the injuries have to qualify for compensation. The employer must be covered by insurance. Accidents that lead to significant head injuries, fractures, spinal injuries as well as occupational diseases, are compensable.

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Once injured or suffer an illness, report to the employer within thirty days. Seek medical assistance and file the claim. You must contact a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Charlotte, NC, to help you get benefits from your employer. The reimbursements include past, present, and future medical expenses, disability expenses as well as, death benefits are payable to the dependents of workers killed during employment. Any related lost wages are payable if forced to miss work due to the injury. Claims are awarded based on strict liability.

Sometimes legitimate claims can be denied due to missing documents, lack of credible evidence, disputes with the employer, the injury is not severe enough to qualify. Injuries might not be compensable if they occurred as a result of a violation of safety rules or employees’ use of alcohol and drugs. Injuries only caused by an accident qualify for compensation. Identifying the validity of a claim is a frequent issue in contested cases. Emotional issues like seeking damages for pain and suffering or punitive damages for employer negligence are not considered.

Once a claim is denied, you can appeal with adequate evidence gathered. Disagreements about how much money needs to be paid arises. When the claim is accepted, the employer agrees to pay a settlement amount in small portions over some time. Medical bills get paid as they occur. If you are able to return to work after recovery, you will be paid a portion of the difference between the amount you are earning now as compared to your wages at the time of your injury. In case of permanent disability, you’re given a life pension. This means you are unable to return to work. The amount is usually a percentage of your wages at the time of the work-related accident.

In conclusion, all injured workers should get workers’ compensation. This would go a long way towards reducing the burdens they face. You shouldn’t be left to endure a financial struggle on top of the physical challenge. If you recover, the security of your job should be intact, enabling you to go back to work. A business owner neglecting to provide these benefits could face stiff financial penalties or be charged with a felony and possibly imprisoned.

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