When Should You Use a Workers' Compensation Lawyer?

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Many a times employees do not know when they are being exposed to injuries at their duty stations. They believe it is their fault if something went wrong and would only assume that the gravest of accidents at work are what the definition is. Sometimes it is not even written on the employment handbook on how to go about the injury one gets while on the job and that always deems the employee as clueless as to how to approach the employer about something they feel has affected their health at work.

Take for example one employee who works at a call center and operates on headphones the whole day, for weeks, months and even years with limited time to do other duties that would relieve their ears from all the straining. The employer would in the least do a medical checkup, which upon realizing the employee has hearing problems, do a dismissal of the employee as they feel the productivity has decreased or better still take them to a duty station that would offer little pay compared to what they earned previously.

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Furthermore, the employer might be advised by their insurance provider and even a legal advisor to dismiss their worker early enough before they can incur a lot of money on them. Due to lack of knowledge on how to claim the workers’ benefits, a worker may end up walking away without any pay or even a wage to sustain the family. This in turn may create strain and stress to the employee who could possibly be the bread winner for the family. It gets even worse when you are assigned to a new duty station where you have little to no experience without training or with a minimal pay that can hardly take care of your needs.

One is entitled to benefits through the employers’ workers’ compensation insurance when they are injured on the job except with a few exceptions. The benefits may vary from settling of medical bills, wage loss benefits, employment benefits in case a worker is not able to return to work after the injury and also vocational training to help one get on track experience-wise and even gain more skills on the new job they may be assigned to.

In conclusion, every employee is entitled to all the knowledge about the terms and conditions of their employment injury claim process and they should not be expendable in the eyes of employers just because they need the benefits. A healthy employee is a productive one hence it is vital to ensure they are covered and well compensated whenever they are involved in an accident at the workplace. The legal team will always ensure that your benefits are compensated whether the employer or the insurance feel it was all your fault. Do not hesitate to contact one as they will fight tooth and nail to help you get the benefits you deserve.

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