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Who Are You as a Writer Essay

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As a writer in school, I have always expanded new knowledge with my writing which came with both difficult and easy challenges. It has taken time for me to learn from my mistakes but also practice for me to better myself as a writer. I have doubted my abilities as a writer multiple times in school however, knowing both my strengths and weaknesses helps me get inspired and exceed with my writing. Furthermore, now as I begin a new chapter as a writer in college it is important for me to have goals to fulfill and become a successful writer.

Writing for academic purposes as a student is very important to gain more knowledge and it makes me feel prepared. As I look back on my past, I always kept in mind that when it came to writing for academic purposes I knew I was writing to scholars such as my teachers and they knew all the general basic information so, that helped me have a better understanding. With that being said, it is essential to be very clear with the subject, have a specific purpose, provide arguments and persuasion, and lastly have an exposition to get across my explanation so the reader can understand me. Moreover, I would describe my abilities to write for academic purposes as work ethic and focused because at first, it is an overwhelming challenge, especially when sometimes I am faced with writing topics that I have no knowledge about however, I educate myself and end up accomplishing my work.

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Learning every year with different teachers has helped me learn new material, tips, skills, and information to provide in my writing. What I have learned is that it is crucial to have an introduction to provide my background information on my topic and present my thesis, having the body is necessary to expand my thesis in a couple of paragraphs to develop my argument, and to finish I need my conclusion to be a short summary but also to convey an answer to my thesis. In addition, I know that I need to always do research which helps me go on an academic journey to educate myself on the topic which helps me be educated to think and conduct an opinion. Therefore, it makes me develop into an analytical thinker in which I gather all my information and present it to the reader in an understanding matter.

Thus, as I move on to a new writing course as a college student, I think I’ll be provided with more knowledge by my professors which will prepare me for my future. The knowledge and help that I feel will be provided to me is becoming better at time management since I have to be responsible to be on my own and find my free time to make the best of it. Worth ethic I feel will be provided at its best also since I know everything I am doing is for my future so I will be more motivated and dedicated to work hard and not give up on my academics. Moreover, I know that I will for sure be provided with the help and understanding to improve more on my reading and writing as an academic writer.

To conclude, looking back as a writer I was I overcame anything that came my way I know how to motivate myself to succeed as a writer and continue seeing myself and my writing grows. I know that I will continue to develop as a college student writer now and I am ready to see more improvement and receive more knowledge to expand my success. It all takes time but at the end of the day, I will be proud of my achievements as an academic writer.

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