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Who is the Real Monster in Frankenstein Essay

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We are living in an age of relatively advanced technology. Cloning technology can copy objects into living objects. Cloning pigs and cloning cattle have become a reality. If it were not for some people's objections, cloning humans would certainly become a reality. We have to figure out whether technology is out of control.

My understanding is that in a sense, technology is out of control. First, literature always precedes reality. Many years ago, we read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. In fact, it was a story almost 200 years ago, and now part of the book has become a reality. We watched in class a movie story about artificial intelligence people having their own emotions and then escaping from human control step by step according to their super high IQ. It is called Ex Machina. Although now it seems that this story is just fiction, no one can ensure that will not become a reality. Until then, everything is late, everything will become uncontrollable, and humans will become slaves of robots.

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There is a British series of films: black mirror, a lot of sci-fi scenes in movies now seem unrealistic, but it is quite possible if think carefully and more. For example, there is an episode, because the living environment of the earth is getting more and more difficult, people think of making a machine to shrink the human body and people then consume less food and air, but this is only an excuse for a better life for more people. The shrinking number of people's lives is even worse.

Another example is the Matrix movie; there are so many movies that literature may be predicting the next 200 years. There are also examples of out-of-control technology in reality. In 1945, the two atomic bombs dropped by the United States and Japan caused huge human losses. To this day, the people of Nagasaki, and Hiroshima, cannot live well. In the future, technology is moving in a direction that may be uncontrollable. I think we need to figure out who is monster; is it a human, representing the creator, or the monster itself, representing something created by humans? In the novel, the monster was created by Frankenstein.

The monster was not accepted by humans, nor by his creator. I prefer to believe that monster is kind in themselves, just like newborn children, they are all kind when they come into the world. What makes them stay good or become evil is not them, but the environment that affects them. For a newborn child, it may be their parents or teachers; for the monster in the story, it's Frankenstein. In that case, we can draw the conclusion that Frankenstein turned a monster into a monster. So, who is a monster? I think Frankenstein is a monster. Those who get technology out of control are the real monsters.

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