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Who Is Responsible For Racism In Football?

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Racism in football has been on the rise in the past decade with more foreign players joining foreign leagues. Much of this racism is coming from the fans who shout abuse at players from the stands. Moreover many young children come to football games and they experience fans screaming abuse at players because of their skin colour, nationality and religion. Imagine the effects this could have the children growing, they will see many of the supporters being racist and may want to be racist because they see many of their fellow supporters shouting abuse. Also not enough is done to stop racism as they most some supporters. As we all know racism still exists in football but has it been less than the past, moreover what has caused racism in football or maybe what has fuelled racism. Many reasons have been said for fuelling racism and with racism on the rise I felt this would be a very interesting topic to talk about. Moreover many players have stood up to the racism on themselves and fellow players off the pitch and on the pitch. This racism can be seen in stadiums, in the park, in the pub and on social media which shows its not only the fans in stadiums. It's mainly been foreign players who have been the victims of racism and have been abused. However some players use this to full their performances. Another reason I also chose this topic as this problem have been an increasing problem in the last hear. Furthermore this topic has been on the rise recently as many players have came out on how they have been racially abused. In addition to this with the rise of television and social media we can also see fans in the crowd on television shouting racist language.

The media coverage of racism often crea negative effects on young black players to fuel hate towards them. They do this by trying to portray them as selfish and ignorant. A clear example of this is when a newspaper outlet headlined the story of a young black player buying a house as ‘Young Manchester city footballer,20, on £25,000 a week splashes out on mansion on market for £2.25million despite having never started a Premier League match’ whereas young white man city player who also brought a house for his mother and at the time of the house being brought had not started in the Premier League had this headline said about him ‘Manchester City starlet Phil Foden buys new £2m home for his mum’. In addition to this he was also described as setting up a ‘future’. These are 2 players who play for the same club, same age and born in the same city but the main difference between them is their ethnicity. Why is that the media singles out the Tosin Adarabioyo for doing the same thing as Phil Foden but they imply Tosin is doing the bad thing whereas Phil Foden is doing the good thing. Therefore this had a negative effect on Tosin Adarabioyo as he was portrayed as immature, stupid and arrogant compared to Phil Foden who was portrayed as sensible, smart and grateful.

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However not only does the media fuel racism so do some football football fans. They may make racist chants or comments or boo players because of their race. An example of this is a club called Beitar Jerusalem was established in 1936 as part of a national Israeli movement. This club’s ideology and politics are the same from when it was founded 83 years ago. It has the largest fanbase in Israel and is also supported m many political leaders. It is said to be a symbol of right ring in Israel. Even their own fans ( who are living in a modern society in which we as a civilization changed so much) chant racist songs and perform racist acts. Their fans were heard singing a racist chant which has the lyrics 'Here we are, the most racist football team in the country' These fans have no shame in their actions an believe in what they are saying. Furthermore any child going to these games in which Beitar Jerusalem participates in will witness these changes and some may start to sing with their fellow supporters, this will lead to a continuous effect of when they become adults they will carry on their parents ideology and pass it down to their children. Another example of Beitar Jerusalem racism problems comes in the 2012-2013 season. During this time Beitar Jerusalem till had never signed a Arab player, this is extremely shocking as Israel at this time had 1,617,000 Arabian citizens which is roughly 21% of the population. The team was prodimetly Jewish however the chairman of the club wanted to show the world that his team was not racist this was done by buying two Arab players ( who were also Muslim) from chechnya. He hoped that if these players did well then the fans would be more welcoming to different races and religions however this idea backfired. During the announcment of the transfer this inflamed the racial fanbase of the club named ‘ La Familia’. During the players first training session the fans started to sing the Israeli national anthem. Many fans who attended the training session shouted racist abuse at the place holding signs with racist language. The tensions became even worse when the players had to pray as part of their religion. The fans chanted slurs such as ‘ Sadayev, go to al Aqsa mosque. What the hell, we have an arab in our team? ‘ and they also chanted ‘War, War’. One fan even broke through the barriers but was luckily stopped by security. In a documentary posted by the guardian we see a video of one of the Muslim players crying and this seems unsurprising as he was abu8sed throughout his time at the club. This proves that the fans have a massive impact of racism in football and that maybe it could be3 extremely hard to get rid of racism in football. We also see even in a modern society where racism has been decreased it still exists to a large extent. This proves that football fans have a massive part in racism in football.

In addition footballing boards may also be seen as responsible for racism in football because of their lack of major punishments given. One of these boards are named Uefa who manage all the issues within European football, this involves financial fair play, European competition, issues with clubs and racism. Uefa has been known for concentrating more on the other aspects such as competitions and financial fair play instead on racism. When they do concentrate on racism in clubs this leads to small fines which means nothing to clubs who have a revenue of more than 100 million.

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