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Why Animals Sports Should Be Banned

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Since ancient times, Greeks and Romans used horses to compete and amuse people, as well as cultural traditions such as bullfighters in Spain. Mankind has used animals in all kinds of sport events, and these are some examples of how people take advantages of animals simply for their entertainment. We must understand that animals are living beings and may have feelings, such any human being. For this reason, they also deserve rights and any kind of sport and entertainment that exploit animals should be banned.

First of all, animals should not be treated as if they were objects; all forms of sport and entertainment that exploit animals where they suffer should be banned. For example, one of the main victims of exploitation in sports activities are horses and dogs, in most cases. According to the article “Greyhound Racing And Drugs” (Karol Orzechowski, 2018) dogs are illegally injected with drugs, in order to improve performance and also to treat the pain they might feel during races. In the case of Horses are frequently whipped and as a consequence, they may result injured and they even can die on the tracks.

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Therefore, the use of animals in sports not only entails suffering, which is present in the way animals are trained, maintained and transported in cages, all this represents a method of suffering for any living being. In addition, there are people who take advantages and get a lot of money through these activities with the enrichment of a gambling industry, all this without taking into account animals’ suffering. When the welfare of animals should be major and primordial, gamblers’ concerned is, undoubtedly, how much money they can get from bets.

Some people may think that the use of animals in sport is a cruel activity, while others may say that animals enjoy healthy competition as much as humans do. As it is stated in the article “Are polo horses abused” (Ocean Style, 2013) people guarantee that horses receive the best possible attention, from food, medical check-ups, to the stables where they are keep. Their owners invest a lot of money in them, so that they ensure that its care can be reflected in the field. Even, their physical performance is evaluated before and after each competition, moreover horses are treated with great supervision and respect.

In conclusion, the practice of animals in sports should be banned because once the animals cease to win races they are likely to be neglected, abandoned, or sacrificed because gamblers cannot obtain gains anymore. Nowadays, there are many other ways to be entertained, instead of observing suffering animals. Do people need to hurt animals to have fun? Undoubtedly, mankind has evolved enough during thousands years to find new entertainment, so people should try to live in peace with another species.

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