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Why Are Sports Activities Neglected In Pakistan?

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My topic for Individual report is Sports and Recreation, focusing on ignorance of sports in Pakistan and how the other countries treat it. By defination sports and recreation means the activities that people pursue in their leasure time which can include football, volleyball, horse riding etc. Different people have different views on sports for example some people take it as their profession, some only counts it as their hobby meanwhile on the other hand there are some people who totally dont care about sports.

One of the most loved sports in Pakistan is Cricket and as we all know after the terrorist attack on srilankan cricket team there were almost no cricket match in pakistan for many years but after introducing Pakistan Super League (PSL), which is a Professional T2o League in Pakistan there is a drastic change in all of this.

The impact of PSL on Pakistan Cricket is huge. It also says that PSL has gathered the whole nation on one platform. Due to the teams named after the cities of Pakistan, the patriotism have increased. With an interview with ARY Sports, Wasim Akhtar (Former Pakistan Captain and known Swing ka Sultan) also addressed to the importance of PSL saying that is a oppurtunity for youngster to polish their talent and work under professional coaches.

All of this was a side of Sports activities in Pakistan that some people see but the real question is that does Pakistan really work on Sports and recreation? In Pakistant the youth is confined to only studying and everyone wants them to be doctor or engineers but no one can disagree that our young generation need more in life other than just books. In pakistan there is a lack of recreational facilities so the teenagers instead of playing sports for ‘fun’ end up taking drugs and other negative activities. In pakistan only the upper class is able to afford the expensive clubs but the middle or lower class cannot and unfortunately there are no facilities provided to them by the government and eventually their talent goes to waste.

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There are not much playgrounds available for children to play so they entertain themselves by different type of gadgets. The sports stadium in different cities of Pakistan are used for events (mela) instead of Sports Activities. An example of this when a mela was held in the Abdul Sittar Eidhi Stadium in Karachi where people rode motorcycles on expensive astro-turf and according to sources it costed 50 Million pkr.

Approximately the population of Pakistan is 180 Million and out of it 64% are youth who have been indulged in horrific domestic violence. Muneeb Maqsood while giving a interview to express turbine says that he used to study in a government school in Turbat where no sports facilities were provided even though the school collected funds in the name of giving sports facilities and now the questions come that why does not the government spend it where it should be.

In February 2010 a question was raised during an interview of Qaim Ali Shah (Cheif Minister of Sindh at that time) on which he answered that the present government is working on giving sport facilities on district and then tehsil level.

The People’s Stadium in Karachi which was a attraction for Cicket and Football lovers who would come and play sports but now it is under the control of Rangers and this is also includes the Football House in Lyari.

This all was just that how much Pakistan government is doing to make sports facilities better and now if we compare with other countries, for example if we take India, they hosted a badminton league where some big names took part and it was a success as in the youngsters in India got a chance to show their talent infornt of the whole world while Pakistan has no proper training facilities. India has also launched a football league called the Indian Super League (ISL). Its not that there is no talent in Pakistan, its that there are no proper opportunities are provided and an example is when some street boys from Karachi made it to the semi-finals of the Street Child World Cup. Infact an example is that the captain of the Pakistan Football Team Kaleemullah who is just 26 years old and he got the oppurtunity and proved himself and is the star player of FC Dordoi in the Kyrgyzstan league. Our athletes are our pride and joy and we should also think about hundreds of people who were not able to reach a higher level just because they couldnt afford the facilities and expensive clubs.

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