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Why Children Should Not Be Involved In Competitive Sports

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Jack groaned as his dad rushed him to basketball practice. He did not enjoy playing basketball and was constantly forced to go to practice by his parents. Competitive sports were just not fun anymore, and coaches were often unfair to his team. Before we get into detail about why he disliked basketball, let’s get into the facts and reasoning.

First of all, sports can be materially unfair to various children. Kids could be neglected because most coaches want their team to triumph. This means that the weaker children on teams would be omitted on the bench as a non-participant throughout the game. Also, aggressive sports can make any child feel inconsequential, or even pointless. According to Over competition in sport is bad for children’s mental health, an article by Jennifer O’Connell, “It makes less athletic kids feel bad about themselves when they do bad or fail their team” This shows that while some people could think that competition is an unimpeachable preconception, too much of it can cause anger and sporadically even despair.

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Next, there is the quotidian misadventure of injuries, which could effectuate the disfigurement of young children. They could easily collapse towards each other while going for the ball. Even worse, they could be gravely wounded when attacking each other over a feud. In an ABC news article by Serena Gordon and HealthDay Reporter, about 4 out of 10 emergency rooms tend to kids from 5-14 years of age with injuries related to ambitious sports. This shows that injuries from sports are most likely to be caused by competitive sports, meaning that if a child plays an aggressive sport, they are likewise expected to get seriously injured than a child who does not.

Then, one of the most ostracized but significant reasons why competitive sports should not include children, is, cheating. This is caused during competitive sport when a coach wants them to win. While this might seem like a harmless thing to do, children, wanting to grab attention, try to do good at the sports. This is when the children try to cheat to win. Although accidentally playing around the edicts could be overlooked once or even twice, cheating often becomes a habit. In the article, Negatives of Competitive Sports, by T. Marice Huggins, the author affirms the fact that cheating could be obstructed by an adult or the coach, but usually, children do not want to get caught cheating so that they can keep striving for attention. This shows that when kids cheat, it is extremely hard to actually play the sports normally because if they stop cheating, they won’t be doing as good as they did when they cheated. Some people might think that cheating is not a problem, but really, cheating is a very big problem in sports. Even worse, it is arduous to quit cheating once you start.

In conclusion, children should not be involved in competitive sports because less athletic kids could be left out, they could be seriously injured, and coaches could indirectly cause them to cheat. When kids play competitive sports, it is okay for a little competition, but too much can lead to depression and trauma causing them to have a strong dislike for competition later on in their life. All in all, competitive sports should not include children from ages 5-14. After reading this article, Jack’s dad stopped signing him up for competitive sports. Jack’s family and others then learned that kids should not be involved in competitive sports.

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