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Why Did Japan Attack Pearl Harbor: Critical Essay

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The attack on Pearl Harbor was an event that many Americans were not prepared for. The attack led to positive but also negative changes in America. It all started when America needed to put a stop to giving oil to Japan. But even before that Japan relied on different countries to get their resources from since they are an island nation that hardly had any natural resources. Which is why they needed international trade in order for their economy to keep on running. Except they ran into a crisis and the leaders at that time decided that they would invade different countries so that they could get more resources. America didn’t want to be a part of another war so they didn’t really pay attention until Japan attacked the USS PA gunboat because they were attacking China. Americans decided to take action such as to impose economic sanctions on Japan's military. Then Japan joined Germany and Italy because of how they thought about nationalism. Franklin D. Roosevelt announced that they will have a trade embargo on oil and Japan's military relied on it a lot. Such as they supply 90% of oil to Japan but now this will cause military and economic problems which means they will not be able to extend their land. Then later Japan planned to attack the United States Pacific fleet in order for them to get revenge for what they did to them. The attack on Pearl Harbor is the most significant event in American History in the years from 1865 to 2000 because it led to WWII, ended isolation, and showed the loss and gains America had.

On December 7, 1941, Japan attacked America's U.S. naval base also known as Pearl Harbor. The attack was crucial and it led to many things being destroyed and many people died. The Japanese thought that if they destroyed America's Pacific fleet then they would not be able to attack them back. The battleship was attacked badly such as the USS Arizona being bombed and sank and the USS Oklahoma flip over because there wasn’t enough strength to keep it in balance. The following day after the attack President Roosevelt went to ask Congress for there to be a war against Japan. War was the only thing that was certain because of the difference each side had. Japan, Germany, and Italy all agree and also proclaim that there is to be a war against America. America was one of the countries that helped stop Germany from taking control of all of Europe.

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Isolation ended due to the attack on Pearl Harbor. Before the attack, Americans were separated between isolationism and interventionism. Roosevelt realized that Germany would be a potential threat because they were starting to take control of Europe. When Americans found out about what happened in Pearl Harbor they decided to end isolationism. They notice that they shouldn’t stay still but have to take action because they are going to go to war. Later on, America forgot about isolationism because they had to associate themselves with worldwide conflicts.

The changes that the United States had a decade after the attack is that it led to WWII. America had both lost and gained such as there were more jobs available than before. Another example is that the United States lost a lot of money due to the amount of damage that was caused by the attack and because they were getting prepared to go to war. This shows how Americans had to unify in order for them to have a chance of beating Japan, Italy, and Germany since Japan destroyed the United States Pacific fleet. Years later America took back revenge. Now we have more supper valence against our naval bases since this attack.

Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor was devastating because of the loss of life that happened that day. Considering that they lost their lives in order for us to go to war and be able to stop Japan, Italy, and Germany from dominating other countries in Europe. Also because of them, other civilians didn’t have to get killed and lose everything they had as what other countries had to. As a result of the attack, America terminated isolation because of everything that was happening during that time of the attack and also of what's happening now in the present day. The attack as well led there to more jobs since people were sent out to help when they were needed for duty. In addition, tax rates went up for items due to America needing money for them to go to war. Lastly, throughout the years the United States ruined the Japanese naval objects that were used in the attack on Pearl Harbor. An object that would be included in the attack would be their battleship. All of this shows why the attack on Pearl Harbor is the most significant event in American History in the years from 1865 to 2000.

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