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Why I Want to Attend Texas State Girls: An Essay

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I first heard about Girls State through my cousin who attended California Boys State, but I did not really learn about it until a good friend, who actually attended Texas Girls State last year, talked about the amazing experience she had in the 7 days she spent in Seguin. What intrigues me most is the opportunity to have a hands-on experience while learning how our state government operates. She talked about how this experience affects how she carries herself and communicates with others today. After hearing about her Girls State experience, I asked my cousin about his time at Boys State. He was so excited to tell me all about it and emphasized how before going to Boys State, he did not know what career he was going to pursue. Boys State made such an impact on him that he is currently pursuing a political science major and is actually roommates with someone he met at Boys State. An opportunity to attend Texas Girls State would help me learn how to speak up in my community as well as contribute my global perspective to hundreds of other like-minded girls in Texas and perhaps the nation.

Having both first generation immigrant parents from Vietnam, I have grown up in a family deeply interested in the United States government system. When my mom first came to the United States, US history was her favorite subject. She is still intrigued by our national and state democratic process. I remember my parents telling me about how they had study to pass the citizenship test and how ever since then, they have such a fascination for the government system as it is very different compared to the one in Vietnam. Last summer, my family and I visited Washington D.C. where our congressman, Kevin Brady, offered us a tour of the US Capitol. One of the highlights of the tour was getting to observe the House of Representatives in session led by Paul Ryan. This tour gave me an incredible insight into democracy which I believe will add value to the conference in June. Although I have been able to see where the government operates, I still yearn to learn more about the government under which I have lived under my entire life.

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Even though both of my parents are well informed about the governmental process of Texas, I am not. Through this opportunity, I hope to learn what it takes for democracy to function. Today so many people have contrasting views, and our government officials often disagree about pressing issues. The society that I live in today is fortunate, but I want to understand what I can do to transform us into a more tolerant and respectful environment for my future children to live in. With a chance to meet such honorable young women from a state that holds high importance in elections and world politics, I would be proud to represent my community with knowledge about both local issues and a global perspective.

Since I will soon be of voting age, I am interested in acquiring a better understanding and deeper regard for the concepts of freedom and democracy. While I may want to pursue a degree in internal medicine, attending Girls State would be a great opportunity to improve my interpersonal communications, leadership roles, and even possibly transfer these skills into a successful career. As far as the program is concerned, I feel I will educate myself in the duties and privileges that I hold as an American citizen. I think this will also instill a great sense of citizenship as I explore my personal responsibilities.

While learning about how our government operates, I will meet other young women that are similar to myself yet different in so many ways. This 7-day platform would meet an earnest girl’s goal to evoke change in her community. Although as a student, I must take a government as a course in high school, there is nothing quite like learning about the process through hands on experiences. Opportunities like this do not come often. Simply, I have read Texas Girls State’s mission and vision, I have gleaned information about what it really means to be nominated, and I see a spot for me to add an element of enthusiasm to the discussions. Attending will allow me to become a part of a prestigious legacy furthering my knowledge of democracy. I hope to secure a spot for Texas Girls State as it would open my eyes to understand what it takes to be a leader.

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