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Why I Want to Be an Esthetician: Essay

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The word feminine has different meanings to different people but to me, it means being able to show a soft and sympathetic side while at the same time demonstrating strength. I feel as though the definition of the feminine has changed over time as it was used back then to somewhat degrade women and make them feel as though they shouldn’t be outspoken or independent. Women are becoming more self-reliant and self-sufficient because we now have more choices and freedom. Women have become stronger and more independent which is causing a rise in power around the world. There’s a huge stigma around working women because some men and women have grown up to believe that women should stay at home to cook, clean, and take care of their family while the man goes out and makes all the money. Though most people might think today’s society is much different from society back then, it, unfortunately, isn’t. There has been a lot of progress in the area of women’s rights but there still continues to be a stigma around modern-day career women in the US. As a woman, I grew up never really having much interest in finding a husband or having children but rather focusing on my education and future career. My mom and almost my entire family insist that I’ll change my mind and that I need to have kids and find a husband so I won’t live my life alone. I’ve also been repeatedly told one of the main responsibilities of being a woman is to have a child.

I don’t believe that being married or having children makes you any more or less feminine than other women. I know for a fact that I will happily accept living the rest of my life alone and that I don’t need anybody else to make me happy or to make me feel satisfied with my life.

I would define masculine as being strong, aggressive, and competitive. This definition doesn’t make it possible for men to embrace their feminine side. I’m friends with multiple people of the opposite gender and I feel as though the majority of them are too scared to be too feminine because people believe that they are gay. Though women have made great progress in having more rights, girls have always been able to be traditionally masculine without anyone questioning it. But this unfortunately isn’t the same case for men, boys are taught from a young age that they can never be too girly or too emotional. This can eventually turn into homophobia and potentially lead to bullying of those who are more feminine, even if they aren’t LGBT.

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The goal isn’t to uplift women and put down men but this is a very big topic in society today. “Women have changed what it means to be a woman and embrace a much larger human canvas men are still painting on half the canvas” (Strauss). Women luckily have always had the benefit of being able to be masculine and feminine without question but men are only allowed to be masculine otherwise they will be seen as less manly. There isn’t much positivity coming from the definition of masculine and that’s mainly because of the term toxic masculinity. The term toxic masculinity is a description of manhood defined by violence, sex, status, and aggression. Toxic masculinity is a major topic in today’s world. The phrase has been deprived of studies that focus on violent behavior perpetrated by men and is designed to describe not masculinity itself but a form of gender behavior that results when expectations of what it means to be a man go wrong (Clemson). Men are raised to believe that strength is everything and that emotions show weakness. This isn’t just a term to say that men are mean or evil and it’s also not saying that men are naturally violent.

For my future life goals, I want to continue my education at the University of Minnesota. But for now, I plan on going into the esthetician program at Lakeland this fall. An esthetician is a person who is knowledgeable about nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art. I want to pursue this job because I enjoy looking at the skin and making it beautiful. Along with that, I’m a very big people pleaser and I love to make people feel good about themselves so I feel as though both my customers and I will get great satisfaction from my job. It’s also a career that offers you the potential for advancement and growth. After I complete the program, I want to move to Minnesota and find a job there as I continue my education. With my esthetician job, I want to get my Ph.D. in dermatology so I can earn a higher salary and have a higher education. This definitely won’t be an easy goal to reach because schooling and residency can take up to twelve years to complete. Though the intense learning and training seem like a lot of work, I’m very motivated and dedicated to achieving this goal. I have changed my career path three times in just one school year so I’m hopeful I’ll stick with this but only time will tell. I do plan to, hopefully, settle down and have a family of my own but that’s definitely not my priority right now. My overall end goal for my life is to have my own private dermatology practice and become one of the top dermatologists in the US.

Art has major importance in modern society because it defines us as individuals and makes us more unique people. Art allows us to do many things, one thing it gives us the ability to do is being able to escape reality and go into a fantasy world. You can leave behind all the troubles of the world and just focus on the beauty of a self-made creation. Art can also be used as inspiration and motivation for many people.

A lot of artists create art by just illustrating their emotions. People who come to view their art can relate to those emotions and be inspired by their work to reach out and connect with others who are also inspired. It also reflects cultural values, beliefs, and identity. Art is influential in many cultures, it allows people from different backgrounds and times to communicate with each other using multiple kinds of art. One group of people that has exceedingly inspired art throughout history is the Romans. Their art is reflected in their sculptures, buildings, murals, and paintings. One of the world’s most well-known artists, Michelangelo, painted the Sistine Chapel. The chapel happens to be located in Vatican City, Rome. More than five million people visit the chapel every year and are known to arguably be one of the most visited rooms in the world. With the knowledge of that, you can clearly see how much art still affects people today more than 500 years later.

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