Why I Want to Be a Pharmacist Essay

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I want to be a Pharmacist. The reason why I would like to be a Pharmacist is because medicine interests me. I always wondered why the medical field is typically longer required college years than an engineer. The medical field also pays really well, and it seems really fun to do every day. A pharmacist isn’t as superior as a doctor, but they still do very cool and fantastic things. When I went into Walgreens whenever my Grandma needed to pick up her prescription, I always thought how cool it would be to do that. To send and read medicine, to actually be able to understand what it really was.

The entry-level education for a pharmacist is a Doctoral or professional degree. Pharmacists graduating from college are required to have a PharmD or Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. After completing two years of undergraduate coursework and earning a passing score on the PCAT ( Pharmacy College Admission Test). College students can start a four-year pharmacy program. If a student knows early what they wanna be early in high school or college and that they want to be a Pharmacist, one could graduate with PharmD in about 6 years.

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When I got there he was already super busy. He stayed at his desk mainly the whole hour, I saw a lot of interesting stuff that he had to do. The main thing he did was scanning bags of medicine, and then put the medicine bags in a big bin of the floor. I’m pretty sure he made sure it was the right prescription, medicine, name, address, etc. He had a laptop right at his desk, and he did a lot of clicking and typing. He was super busy with medicine handling, he went very far back into multiple rows of medicine and grabbed more medicine.

He ended up putting medicine back there too. I noticed how the Pharmacist had a white uniform, but the Pharmacist technicians had blue uniforms. So I’m assuming that represented their ranks. The Pharmacist technicians had their own thing going on, and mainly stayed where they needed to stay, and the same as the Pharmacist. There were a few technicians that did move around a lot and helped the Pharmacist.

Some technicians socialized with the Pharmacist asked questions, some were about the medicine and the medicine placement. Some technicians were very polite and outspoken, for example, one technician kept asking me was I there a prescription, or waiting for something. Every time I had to say “No, thank you though.” I noticed how the Pharmacist was very determined, he stayed on task, answered the questions that were needed. He even ended up giving a flu shot, he wasn’t joking around or goofing off.

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