Why I Want To Become An Engineer

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At first ,instead of answering this question ‘Why I want to become an Engineer? ‘ I would like to tell you that I love this stream of engineering . I completely love this field of engineering and the journey I need to lead ahead to become an engineer. I went in the field of engineering because of my fondness to Maths and Physics. I wanted to learn more of it and also wanted some workplace where I can apply them. I feel like its completely the principles and rules surround me everywhere ,every time. And even they govern my path ,my daily life activities .These rules of

Mathematics and Physics are present everywhere and everytime. They are a kind of omnipresent in nature. One can notice this in one’s day to day life. An Engineer can apply and applies all the knowledge that he has learnt so far

It will be really challenging and exciting .As Donald Norman said ,’Scientists investigate that which already is present, Engineers create which has never been before’. Really this makes this stream of engineering very interesting .It is Science to describe Electromagnetic radiation ,but it is Engineering to build a radio, T.V or any electronic device. An engineer must use models provided by science combined with innovative thinking to solve problems and create new designs that benefit humanity. This process and the thought of striving for the goal by an engineer motivated me to select this path as I could make innovative things ,discover new ideas and completely engulf myself in the innovative world

Also the career in engineering is interesting and full of fun. We can learn new things, discover new ideas and explore new dimensions. It involves a life time of continuos learning to adapt to changes in society and natural world .As a human we can’t stop the process of learning .Learning is inevitable in anyone’s life .An Engineer is all about creating, developing a new idea, process, movement and even revolutionizing the new trends

As an Engineer one need not cramp oneself to certain conditions , boundaries , limits ,disciplines and many more. This engineering Often involves working in multi disciplinary,multi cultural , multi site teams.There are even many sub disciplines in this field of engineering . These sub -disciplines eed to co-ordinate among themselves to get the desired results.Take a Meachanical Engineer ,for instance he/she cannot work only in the work space which involves their stream Mechanical Engineering.He/she needs to co-ordinate with the other sream of engineers like Electrical Engineer(as he/she deals about all the electrical circuits and signals ).A machine on which a mechanical engineer works runs on the electricity.Also this working may depend on the type of the electric connection of the machine.So,there must be a perfect co-ordination between them to develop enlarge the scope of working of the machine.

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Engineers can make exciting things and also make this world to be rousing.As they open the doors of new innovative and ingenious world.According to Samuel .C.Florman(1976),” Engineers work on exciting projects and how our world changes and improves ”

The amazing structures ,vehicles and discoveries in modern society have been influenced and created by engineers in some capacity.Yeah! this is really true Engineers have greatly influenced and shaped the modern society .Most of the parts of the society that we see today have been made by the engineers.Engineers take a larger role in design and innovation.The modern high sky scrapers that are becoming common these days,the smart phones we use in our daily lives and became an important part in our lives,the internet which now became one of the most necessities of the generation ,the Digital media which completely revolutionized the field of communication ,the computers which now became common every where and every place,the transplants which changed the standards of medical field to a greater extent and even the robots which are going to influence the upcoming future generations are some of the fruitful outcomes in which the engineers collaborated to a greater extent

According to Steve Jobs (Apple co-founder and former CEO)”Design is not how it looks like and feels like design is how it works”.This is exactly true with an engineer .An engineer endeavours all his efforts,ideas,thoughts and power to design to design new things.These new designs must be different from the old ones in look,working,components include in it.The process of development in any field or stream is always continuous. Developing of any discipline ,subject,process ,idea ,thought and any kind of stuff never comes to halt .As a common human we need to adapt ourselves to any new change or trend.Similarly as an engineer I have the responsibilty to set a new trend or revolutionize a process which is useful to the man kind.An engineer must also cope up with all the challenges that arise with the onset of new design .So an engineer must also be very very very good efficient in problem solving .he must be a very good problem solver.He /she is the one who doesn’t seek for problems but also must be the one who is always ready to face it and smash it.

As the new generation comes and establish themselves in this society,there also comes new variety of demands.These demands can be easily made to be settled if there occurs new changes in the current trends being followed which means thre must be the unleashment of advanced techniques, designs and processes

As Freeman Dyson(Theoretical physicist and Mathematician ) said-“A good scientist is a person with original ideas .A good engineer is a person who makes a design that works with as few original ideas as possible”.As Iam interested in to become an engineer I must come with the ideas and designs that are path breaking but these must be derived from the original set of ideas as possible.One cannot change the existing principles to create new ideas and designs .Infact,the principles that are existing now are the one that govern the complete working of the things that are present in the society.

Finally, I can emphasize that becoming an Engineer I may not enjoy my destiny.Because I’m not sure about my destiny .Destiny is not any pre described thing . It arises on how you strive for it.It mostly depends on how .It arises on how you strive for it.It mostly depends on how you lead your journey. Sometimes it comes to be even dynamic.It changes according to the situation and even the decisions taken by us ,movements or steps we lead in our path. So, I always love the journey I need to take to achieve an ace destiny.This journey involves hardships, heart breaks,many wonderful memories to restore in heart and mind, failures, sucesses and many more. Ultimately I greatly consider myself to be an engineer

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