Why I Want to Run for Student Council: Essay

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Good morning everyone. How are you? My name is Pradyumn Jha and I stand before you today as a candidate for a position as your Student Council representative. I assure you I will work hard on your behalf, listen to your ideas and do everything in my power to make this school the best that it can be. I believe that with your cooperation and collaboration we together can create an environment that focuses on our common goals. Why me for this position you may ask?

Because I am more of a people person. I believe that true success is only achieved when everyone’s ideas are taken into consideration. I am honest, responsible, and trustworthy. I promise to maintain dignity while adhering to discipline.

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As your Student Council representative, I will take it upon myself to ensure that your voices are heard because everyone’s voice matters. I will advocate for students, promote students' voices, ensure student welfare, and support active student governance. I am hardworking, passionate about change, and eager to advocate for the students at Bayview Middle School. I care about each and every single student, and I will strive to ensure that every student’s voice is heard because you should have a say in the actions that will affect you. You matter. Your opinion matters. I will always keep your best interests at heart.

I stand before you today not only as a candidate but also as your friend. And like a good friend, I will be honest with you about the challenges our school faces. I will do my very best to communicate with you and keep you informed.

As your friend, I will also be asking you for your ideas. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Together we must be strong and cooperate to achieve our goals.

As your friend, I believe in you. I believe in this school. I believe in our ability to work together for something great. Teamwork makes the dream work.

During the last two years at Bayview Middle School, I've been in the Student Council consecutively. I've worked on various committees and I've actively been involved in school. Last year, I was elected as the vice president of the Student Council. With this valuable experience in hand, I believe that I can serve you better, and encourage students to rise to their highest potential.

The experiences I have acquired over the years, my natural desire to help others, my collaborative approach, my passion, my appreciation for cultural diversity, and my perseverance will guide me to make a difference for all the students in Bayview Middle School.

This is a leadership role, so I want to build something between us. It’s the foundation for what this position is, trust. I know that voting for someone to advocate for you requires a lot of trusts. I am willing to work hard each and every single day to earn your trust. I would be deeply honored if you'll vote for me today. I don't just speak the change I make the change. Feel like you should have a say? Please vote for me today!

Thank you for your time! Thank you for being so patient and listening to me. You are all amazing.

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