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Why I Want to Study International Relations Essay

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Interconnecting political science and international relations is the key to global connection. Studying for a degree in international relations would help me unlock the key skills in order to help better global relationships. I have always been fascinated by what occurs in society day to day and the diplomatic problems that different countries face. Helping solve problems such as nationalism and militarism in Turkey leading to inequalities facing the Kurdish population has been an intriguing prospect to me. This has encouraged me to look into politics and how as a young adult I can involve myself in these decisions that happen around us and strive to make this wonderful world we live in a better place.

Without even acknowledging it politics has an impact on our lives every day in ways we wouldn’t even believe. Therefore, this attracts me to the subject as I would like to be involved in the discussions that may affect our generation and those after ours. Since I was young, I have been following the news as much as possible and it really surprises me how much public affairs occur among us whether it is In the UK or elsewhere and I believe that studying International Relations can help me look into it more in-depth for my higher education and boost my knowledge in the topic.

Furthermore, being a teenager with a black African background and seeing the state of the countries In Africa and the poverty they’re living in through social media, the news, newspapers, and personal visits motivate me to want to make a change and try to have an influence on their living conditions for the better. I believe that by studying international relations I can gain the skills necessary to make a difference in the upcoming future for my country and resolve unnecessary conflicts that occur around us.

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During my free time, I enjoy reading when not occupied with school work. A book that furthered my interest in international relations and the topic of politics, in general, is a book called ‘The Twenty Years Crisis, 1919-1939’. This book has enhanced my interest in international relations as the issues spoken about in the book still have relevance to what happens during this day in time and how issues can be resolved and dealt with fairly without any difficult disputes.

In the sixth form, I am currently studying for a Btec Business Level 3 Extended Diploma, and having studied this for the last year or so, I have learned a lot about the business industry and as well as that I have learned about how things work within the global business industry, and what kind of disputes occur with businesses. As well as that, I have taken part as a member of the chaplaincy team and as part of the team, I helped organize events such as a school football tournament and charity walks. In addition, taking part in this helped me gain speaking and organizational skills around others.

Additionally, I want to study for a degree in International Relations as it is not restricted to one job type. Having interests in other subjects such as law, this degree can lead me to various different routes in life such as Politics, Law, Psychology, diplomat, intelligence specialist, etc. These are jobs I am attracted to as I really enjoy debating and discussing with others, so if I would be able to debate about situations evolving around the world; I can have an impact on the lives of many people in the world we live in.

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