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Why Is Art Important: Essay

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Art and Controversy


Arts forms are important to society because they communicate important messages and inspire people to do something. The art forms encourage more conversation in society and this increases the level of democracy. Citizens should also feel free to challenge the decisions of artists. Also, cultural leaders should tirelessly protect the choices they make in public. The art usually gains relevance in the public through the vigorous defense. The freedom of art is usually exploited and abused for purposes of commercial gain in society. The government also uses controversial art to shock audiences about certain issues that cannot be discussed openly. The following is a discussion of two controversial artworks.

Controversial Artworks

The controversial artwork of the dinner party was important installation artwork which was designed by Judy Chicago. The dinner part table was produced from 1974 to 1979 but it had its first exhibition in 1979. The controversial artwork functioned as a symbolic history of women in the civilized world. The triangular table consisted of 39 elaborate place settings. Each side of the table consisted of 13 place settings which were made of 39 settings in total. The table had some symbolic guests such as Sacajawea and Eleanor of Aquitaine. Every unique place setting had a hand-painted china plate. It also included ceramic and chalice. Also, each unique place setting had a napkin with an embroidered gold edge. The unique setting place contained the women’s name and her accomplishments. The dinner party table was laid on the Heritage Floor which consisted of 2000 white luster tiles. The dinner party table was organized according to benevolent hierarch and nonhierarchical leadership.

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The Fountain art was made in 1917 by Marcel Duchamp. The fountain art represented urinal orientation and it was an icon of the twentieth century. The fountain was accepted by society because rules accepted any form of art as long the artist paid the fee. The artwork was published because the original artwork was lost. The fountain artwork is still original because of the philosophical and metaphysical state among people. The fountain art represented the symbolic meaning of toilets that has a conceptual challenge posed by readymade. The readymade gives the aesthetic propositions


In conclusion, controversial artworks naturally interrupt the normal thinking of the individual. Society usually criticizes art and doesn’t see the intentions behind the image. Controversial artwork promotes freedom of expression in society because they express thoughts and ideas. The criticism of art prevents audiences from appreciating the artist’s original vision or intention. The world should appreciate the work of art. The government should support the artist because they pass an important message to society. They also require a lot of money to do controversial artwork. Through proper funding, the artwork could be stronger and more refined.

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