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Why is College Important to Me

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Paging Dr. Iyana Williams, Paging Dr. Iyana Williams is a dream I have been longing to hear one day. I have always wanted to help children in some type of way and that’s when I realized I wanted to be a pediatrician. I want to be able to have the knowledge and understanding it takes to help patients with their issues and problems. I know having a college education is my stepping stone in becoming a doctor. A college education is important to me because it is the beginning of a valuable investment in my future.

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In the past, there was a time that education was not allowed for women and blacks. With all that has gone on in the past, why would I not take the advantage that has been given to me and flourish in my education experience? Even in today’s time, young people must work harder than ever to compete in this world. An associate degree was all you needed a one point in life, but now not even a bachelor’s degree meets the requirements for some careers. They want a master’s degree or higher and if I want to succeed in this world I will have to make sure I am gaining the knowledge and experience to obtain my college degree.

I believe that attending college will help me become more mature, independent and a responsible adult. I will have the advantage to lead myself in any direction I want to proceed in life. It will expose me to people, ideas and topics that I probably will never encounter in high school. It took me awhile to get it. I was just getting by in my earlier part of high school, then I realized that if I want to make it in this world as a doctor I have to start caring about my education. I have to believe in myself that I can do it. I have come to a point in my life that education is very important to me, and in order to move forward in life, not just get by but to really succeed in life, I must first obtain a college degree. I believe that attending college will help me to truly find myself through personal growth. It will help me to become that successful doctor that I want to become. I want to gain valuable life experiences from college that I can take with me on this journey. It will open many doors for me and allow me every option available. Getting a college education is very important to me and it is my goal to attend college in August 2020.

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