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Why Is College Important: My Opinion Essay

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Education is an important standard of obtaining crucial knowledge, skills, and information about life, job opportunity, or future careers of someone’s interest. Education is broader and more comprehensive than learning or reading from books. Getting an education is important to every person worldwide. Every person has a right to a proper education for any school. Learning how to read, write, draw, and count is a basic ability people acquire that they use in their everyday life. That being said, I am getting an education because I want to live in a lifestyle where I am content, comfortable, and gratified, a life where I do not need to feel anxious about my next income, mortgage, bills, etc.

Education contributes to transforming people to be successful and wealthy. However,oHG I never understood what I wanted to become. As a kid, I was switching up plenty of times as to what I wanted my profession to be. As of this day, I am still undecided on what I want to cling to regarding as a career for myself. School and an appropriate education were the only path for my vivacity and the only choice I can contemplate on. As a result, I am using the opportunity to go to a community college to get my general education and transfer on to a four-year university once I complete it to get the lifestyle I thrive for.

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Most of the time, students are in college not because they want to but because they have to. They are led to believe that because with an education and a degree they get a higher chance of financial success and stability. However, once graduating, a good majority of graduates must deal with college debt. They start off their life on a hard disadvantage because they have to recompense the debts before they begin evolving their own individual lives. To a wide variety of candidates, they believe college teaches you to memorize and not to understand. Hence, It doesn’t prepare you for the real world.

College is an opportunity for everyone to lead them down a path of achievements and good prosperity. College is important because it gives a higher advantage and opens new doors that would not be as easy to come across a person with just a high school diploma. A college student graduate earns more on average. than a high school graduate. College expands your network on trying to find the right career. No matter how skilled or experienced you are in an area of your expertise, having a robust network can help you get started and advance in one’s career.

College is not only important to me, but it is the only choice for me. Outside of college, I do not have another plan just in case college doesn’t work out for me. A college education will benefit me throughout my life in many ways. For instance, financially, socially, intellectually, and personally. Although, my career choice is still undecided at this moment, a college education can expand my mind and help me explore what is out there. Overall, With an education, I can have a life where I am content with no anxieties of bills and money problems.

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