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As Benjamin Franklin, one of the four Founding Fathers once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Acquiring a bachelor’s or master’s degree is indeed expensive however not going to college can indeed be crushing in the long-term. It can strip you of the opportunity of changing society ...

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Why is College Important to Me

Paging Dr. Iyana Williams, Paging Dr. Iyana Williams is a dream I have been longing to hear one day. I have always wanted to help children in some type of way and that’s when I realized I wanted to be a pediatrician. I want to be able to have the knowledge and understanding it takes to help patients with their issues and problems. I know having a college education is my stepping stone in becoming a doctor. A college education...
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Why Is College Important: My Opinion Essay

Education is an important standard of obtaining crucial knowledge, skills, and information about life, job opportunity, or future careers of someone’s interest. Education is broader and more comprehensive than learning or reading from books. Getting an education is important to every person worldwide. Every person has a right to a proper education for any school. Learning how to read, write, draw, and count is a basic ability people acquire that they use in their everyday life. That being said, I...
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Why Education In College Is Important

Most educators believe that the purpose of education is influenced by their own personal beliefs and experiences. Growing up, students have experienced many different situations that make them question the point of even coming to school. Every student has asked themselves at least once as to why they learn certain things and why can’t they just be done already. Research shows “students spend around 6,000 hours solely committed to schoolwork, both in and out of school. On average, only about...
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How to Be Successful in College Essay

College success Entering in college is a step toward success but succeeding in a college is a dream come true. Success in college means that you have enough knowledge, confidence and skill that you can adjust yourself in any environment and any place. Success in college means more opportunities and more successful life. Succeeding in college means respect, you are consider to be a knowledgeable person and you can provide benefit of your knowledge to your society. It’s a fact...
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Benefits Of A College Education: Essay

In the United States, the expansion of an individual’s education is highly significant for those who have the option. There are many benefits to having a college education. Many people go to college to be able to find a better paying job or because they want a better life for themselves. Many people go to college throughout the country to attain a better education after high school. Most times, the economic return of going to college will highly outweigh the...
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College: Is It Worth It?

Before the automobile, before the computer, before the creation of the vast majority of concurrent colleges today, the rising cost of higher education has been shocking the American public. With the expense of a higher education soaring to new heights everyday, it has begun to cause people to question the effects it may have on future generations. Although, it is widely recognized that undergrad debt presently represents the biggest lump of U.S. non-lodging financial dues, many see it as a...
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Why College Is Important In The Modern World

People today think that college is the only option when in fact, there is more than college to get a stable job, and in today’s society college is just too much for most people. With today’s society, there are so many jobs that do not need four-year degrees. For example, with the world becoming technology driven, more people are becoming more technologically advanced. College is too expensive, and it keeps getting more and more expensive because of inflation. Highschool seniors...
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Why College Is An Important Part Of Life

College is an important path that adults need to consider taking in their life. Considering one’s culture, beliefs, and environment, people will see college as a need or a want. Transitioning into college without any prior knowledge is stressful which can cause the person to not go to college. This paper will be covering a student’s perspective on her experience of transitioning into college. The positive and negative factors that she had to overcome will show how she developed as...
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How Necessary is a College Education

It is recommended that when we graduate from high school we are supposed to go to college. We are told from a very young age that if we want a decent job then we must go to college and work towards it. Which, at a young age may seem intimidating since we have to figure out what we want to major in, how much will it cost us, would we have to relocate, and will there be scholarships or loans...
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College Goals And Success

“One of the biggest lies we love to believe is education equals success.” says Dale Partridge, an author of the Wall Street Journal. Every day, millions of students go to college wondering if it will all be worth it at the end. I believe there is little value in college because students will have to suffer the consequences of student loan debt and fight off all the psychological effects that are included with it. To begin with, as the average...
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