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Why Is Immediate Flood Cleanup Important? Essay

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If your home has experienced a flood, you need to act fast. Experts recommend starting a flood cleanup within 24 hours as its critical to preventing long-term damages. After the floodwaters have receded, there’s definitely some amount of relief, but one should not ignore the aftermath of a flood. Waterlogged areas are known to harbour toxic mould and bacteria. Dampness contributes to mould growth. Mould can grow and spread quickly to other areas before you even realise and can become a serious health threat. After 48 hours your home can become a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria as well. A slight delay and things can go downhill. Exposure to mould Mould can have serious impact on one’s health. Especially for those with a compromised immune system are likely to show severe symptoms. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause irritation in your throat, eyes and nose, skin rash, wheezing, etc. In some cases mould may also trigger asthma. Even if you don’t see the mould but notice some strange smells lingering in your home post flood, call the mould cleanup experts to test for mould and if found have it removed immediately. This can be an additional cost to bear. Hence, it’s better to prevent mould from growing in the first place.

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Other problems from a delayed flood cleanup Flood damage problems are not limited to mould and bacteria. Another major issue is the odour. The unpleasant smell from furniture, carpeting, surfaces and other belongings that have been affected by flood water is similar to the odour you get when clothes are left overnight in the washing machine, but worse and harder to get rid of. Regular cleaning agents may eliminate the smell temporarily but not remove the odour causing bacteria. You will need a professional odour cleaning company to eradicate unpleasant odours for good. If a natural flood or breakage in a sewer line is responsible for your flooded home, your possessions are likely to be more contaminated with sewer and other waste that flow along. These produce a smell of their own and encourage the growth of bad bacteria and pathogens. Importance of attending to water damage immediately The sooner the flood water is cleared out, the lesser the damage it will cause, keeping your and your family’s health, home and belongings safe. In addition, it will also make the cleaning and repair process simpler. This not only means most of your possessions will be recovered but replacement costs will be minimal. Unfortunately, the odds of porous surfaces getting affected by flood water are high in comparison to items with non porous surfaces.

Drywall, ceilings, carpeting and flooring are usually made of porous materials which can be salvaged if you call a water damage restoration company right away. The less time the water gets to infiltrate these surfaces, the more chances of saving them. If you ever find yourself in a house flood situation, be it big or small, acting fast is key to minimising damage.

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