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Why Is It Important to Work to Delete Cyber Bullying: Argumentative Essay

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As of May 2019, there have been 3.449 Billion active social media users. The average person on Earth has 7-8 social media accounts and spends 142 minutes on these media platforms a day. Self-expression, Self-identity, community building, and emotional support have grown to be more positive due to social media throughout the years. On the other hand sleep quantity/amounts, fear of missing out, bullying, anxiety, and Body image have taken a negative twist due to social media. This essay will inform you about what social media is, it will also offer up definitions of social media and discuss how it is quite complicated and more complex than what most people think. Various issues and debates regarding social media surrounding its uses within culture and society today will be mentioned. One of the 7 issues that will be mentioned will also be covered in great detail. Last but not least, the reader will be informed about how social media has changed the film industry through production, consumption, marketing, and interaction between fans/users.

What is Sociality

Sociality is the degree to which individuals in an animal population tend to associate with social groups and form cooperative societies. ​Sociality is also a survival response to evolutionary pressure. One of the greater responses to that evolutionary pressure made by humans was the invention of the world wide web in 1991; when Tim Berners- lee connected hypertext technology to the Internet he formed the basis of a new time of communication. Up until the new museum network media were mainly generic services that you could only join or actively utilize in a big group, this would have been useful if someone were to give a lecture online. The technology wouldn’t allow anyone to connect with one another and have a one-on-one conversation. With the advent of web2.0 the internet was changed forever instead of only offering channels for network communication, others gain access to one on one connectivity. “These new services opened up a myriad of possibilities for online connections, and were initially perceived as a new global infrastructure.​” (Dijck, 2013:5). The shift from web1 to web2 was astronomical. In Web 1 the users could only read text on selected platforms, there was little to no room for collaborations the software was impersonal ( it did not know the use and their needs all that well) and as stated in the past it was mainly for lectures in big groups. Web2 change the internet as we know it, you were allowed to read, write, and collaborate. It allowed users to share and open different sources, the system knew the users and their needs. Lastly, you were now allowed to have a conversation with another person, whereas in the past you could only sit and listen to someone lecture. Now in today's society every single day billions upon billions of people interact through social media a new infrastructure for online sociality and creativity. With billions of people interacting with each other every day through social media, it is hard to give social media a simple definition. By doing some research the best definition found was 'a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content (Kaplan and Haenlein 2010: 60, cited in Dijck 2013: 4) Social media has changed the way we view ourselves, each other and the way major companies do business.

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Social media has opened up a wall of connections that we can now cultivate throughout our lives, we can stay in touch with friends and family living far away with hardly any effort. Also, build and keeping our social circle for over a lifetime we can find romantic relationships more easily and reconnect with long-lost friends and distant family. Social media is a platform for giving and receiving information and both of these activities help us grow as individuals giving and receiving information to one another is very important on social media. This is good because by doing so it increases our visibility and helps build our personal brand. The information we received from social media like news updates, trending topics, and new ideas are faster than ever to access. We now have the power to create a social media platform or page to mobilize groups around social and political issues. Social media is very beneficial and we should seek to reap those benefits as much as we can. With that being said, social media does produce a lot of issues. Social media highlights our differences and in some cases, this brings out Digital conflicts. Scheinbaum states that “ Digital drama defines here first to the occurrences of the reaction to the negative online customer behaviors such as cyberbullying, fear of missing out, abuse, related online happenings. Digital drama can occur with other forms of technology that is not a new phenom although digital drama is a new age term. Digital drama occurs via social media due to the large exposure and scope of who can see the content until digital drama becomes so bad that the original poster chooses to delete it or is forced to be deleted due to its harmful/ hurtful content “ The biggest issue listed is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying done on digital devices services like cellphones, laptops, and tablets, cyberbullying is, includes sending posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behavior. All states in the U.S. have laws requiring Schools to respond to cyberbullying many states do not include cyberbullying and abuse laws or specify the rules of schools that should play responsible for the bullying that takes place outside of school schools. Schools may take action either by required law or with local school policies that allow them to discipline or take action. The National Center of Education Statistics and the Bee of Justice indicate that among students ages 12 to 18 who reported being bullied at school during the year 15% were bullied online or by text. There is a lot being done for students being bullied and to help prevent bullying. Giant social media platforms always find and help prevent bullying of any kind. Social media is still a very new and different communication device and there will always be ups and downs of having it just like anything else in our everyday life.

Another industry that social media has affected tremendously has been the film industry. These days the Internet paves the way for nearly anyone to produce a film. Digital video production tutorials swirled the Internet giving people access to information that was once offered in specialized schools. Online video production tools for editing productions and streaming them also multiple platforms have become widespread The active watching of a movie on the Internet is proving to be the next big thing when it comes to film distribution. No more taking trips to expensive cinemas, it is even worse when often the food served in the cinema cost more than the movie. These days online streaming is the service for films, services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu are taking over. The days of buying billboards and print ads are quickly fading in the movie industry viral social media campaigns are becoming the new and best marketing strategy for the movie business. For example, the hunger games are one movie to date that has one of the biggest approaches to social media by creating an entire campaign built around the Fanbase using Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The filming company Lionsgate stepped up the campaign further by not just promoting the movie but actively communicating and engaging fans, fancy. Doing so by assigning them different roles in the virtual worlds to be different characters from the movie. This helps promote the world of Hunger Games giving fans something to identify with and keeping them engaged by using hashtags and sharing events of what goes on in the games online with other fans. Another movie that was successful due to good formatting/ using a great social media strategy is TED the comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and his teddy bear played by Seth Rogen brought the characters to life on Twitter. The campaign came to life when their screenwriter started tweeting lines of inappropriate humor about what the Teddy bear would say @WhatTedSaid on Twitter. This helps the movie get 54 million in the open weekend. This changed the film industry forever.

The internet is still a very raw place and there is constantly new thing discovered throughout it. It has shaped the way we think, the way we act with one another, the way we love, and society as a whole. No one could have predicted how far along the invention of the World Wide Web would have taken us. It was invented in 1991 as only a one-way communication device, to a multi-communication device where both parties can share information back and forth without a hitch. To now having social media accounts for a variety of things, there are some cons to this of course like sleep quantity/amounts being reduced fear of missing out, bullying, anxiety, and Body image shaming. As a society, everyone hopes to change for the better. Social media has rocked and reshaped the Film industry as we see it today through advertising. If more time was granted I would have been able to view other aspects of the world, social media has changed.

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