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Why My Father Is My Role-Model

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Nowadays people look up to celebrities and athletes as their role model, which they follow their footsteps. In my case, I do not see them as a real role model, and to me, the definition of a role model is someone who has always been there helping and guides you based on their personal life experience. First of all our family who will have your back in life no matter what and supports you at any life stage without judging you. Of course, I look up to my father as my role model who has been there throughout my life and supported and guided me in every life stage. Ever Since I could remember he has been beside me supporting my dream and goal I have ever had.

The first thing I admire is his thoughts he has about my future, which most people wish their father have it. My father is a pediatrician and he had always wanted me to follow his footsteps to become like him, and he has helped thousands of in need people through his career as a doctor. This is exactly how I want my children to look up to me when I grow old and have my own children, and I want to be an example to my children by helping people who are in need. He is a strong man, great supporter, and loves to help others before he helps himself. Growing up, I have always looked up to him because with all the struggles he still manages to keep a smile on his face and keep life going on. He always tells me “Make me proud Rezvan”, which I wish to do and not let him down. But sometimes I fear if I could not fulfill his dream that he has about me and disappoint him, will be the worst day of my life, however, I will do my best.

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My father attended medical faculty at Kabul University long before wars hit Afghanistan, after graduating as a pediatrician he always traveled to places where people had no access to public health places and helped those who need help. He has been a pediatrician for almost 40 years. To this day he still loves every minute of it. He is a very hard working and made sure that everyone that he treated had fully recovered and completed the follow-ups. Even though Bruno also loved and respected his father, but he somewhat feared him. He always walked slowly toward his office and hesitated before going in. The commandant might have been a good father, but he obviously put his jobs first, which had negatively affected Bruno’s life. Additionally, he is not a merciful father as he shakes Bruno`s hand rather than hugging him. As I compare my father with Bruno's father, in reality, it seems to be quite different. Therefore, his father was not a compassionate man when I read the book I realized that his father killed many innocent people and his son also died in the gas chamber with those people that he has been given the order to kill them. I hope that when I am older, in whatever career I choose, I will work just as hard to be as successful as my father.

In conclusion, everyone has that one person they look up to as a role model; to me, there is none other than my father. He has one of the biggest hearts I know. Without him, in my life, I have no idea where I would be. Someday, when I am married and have children of my own, I hope I can be just as great of a father to them as my father has been for me.

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