Why Plastic Bags Should Be Banned

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Plastic bags, though useful in numerous ways, have attested to be dangerous and unsafe to our environment due to one major factor, that is, they are nonbiodegradable, simply meaning they do not decompose easily hence making their disposal a huge challenge. Plastics are mainly used in the community because they are light weight, durable, defiance to degradation and above all they are cheap. Besides the many benefits individuals gain from using these plastic bags, the problem one faces in disposing them would burden the entire society greatly. In this essay we will discuss briefly why plastic bags should be banned.

Research made by several institutions like the Marinesight proves that plastic bags is one of the major causes of water pollution. The increased utilization of plastic bags makes the disposal a herculean task which is causing many problems in the society and the country at large. The Korle lagoon is an example of a water body extremely polluted by plastic bags. These plastic bags terms to clog our waterways which is a harmful toxin for the aquatic life. Marine species unfortunately consumes this harmful toxin which eventually leads to their death.

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Plastic bags which are disposed on fertile lands make the land highly infertile by occupying the underground and avoiding the uptake of minerals by the plants. The leaching activity of these plastics bags reduces the fertility rate of the soil. These reduction in soil nutrient has a significant impact on the agricultural produce and yielding. Annually about 2.58 million metric tons of raw plastics which are imported into Ghana ends up at waste at a rate of 73 percent. The control of plastic bags by incineration is even more dangerous since it releases harmful gases that can deteriorate the atmosphere. The problem of using plastic bags is much more serious than it appears.

Moreover, the lives of man and animals is also endangered. I will not be surprised to plastics affecting living things on earth. Plastic bags emulate toxic elements which make food product kept in them harmful if contained for a period. Sometimes these turn out to cause cancer as well. Researchers have discovered that the plastic particles entering the food packets are true. Plastic bags that are used and improperly dispose on roads and grass area end up eaten by animals such as cows, goats since they think it as eatables. This may eventually result in animals choking up and prove to be fatal.

To conclude, however using alternative strategies and effective implementation of legislation in order to mitigate the usage of plastic bags and their disposal in the community. Creating a viable environment for the upcoming generation is our top priority and banning plastic bags is one of the ways forward.

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