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Why Recycling Is Important Essay

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Reduce reuse recycle is old terminology that we have been hearing since we were a child. Yet we still have to be reminded to do so. It is not that we don’t know how or what it is, it is plainly because we are just lazy. The results of not taking care of our planet have been disastrous and we really need to take this seriously.

The importance of recycling and waste control

Recycling is creating or reusing waste into something useful and reusable. The reason why we need to recycle is that the fact is that there are not enough resources left in the world for coming generations because resources are running out, fast. By recycling, you also reduce the amount of waste in dumping sites which can pollute the environment. We save energy by recycling which helps with global warming, for example, if you recycle one piece of aluminum can you save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours?

Plastic pollution is a huge environmental problem throughout the world. The production and consumption of plastic have continued to increase each year due to population growth and other factors. Such as plastic is light, flexible, waterproof, and cheap. The problem is that plastic does not biodegrade and may take around 500 years to break down so once it is left somewhere it will most likely stay there. Plastic bags are hard to dispose of because the wind can play a role in carrying them away as litter. Plastic is dumped into our oceans from plastic bags to microbeads and this waste harms and potentially kills numbers of sea life creatures because they mistake it for food or entangle in them. Tiny pieces can choke fish and small sea creatures. Many birds’ corpses have been spotted where their birds’ body has biodegraded except for the plastic remaining where their stomach had been. These sea creatures are being so infected with plastic that some reports have stated that humans have started eating fish that have eaten toxic plastic.

Practical methods of recycling, reusing, and reducing in the household

Overconsumption leads to increased garbage which means we need to start recycling. You can start at home by changing a few things.

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  1. Avoid disposable products such as single-use plastic, paper cups, and razors.
  2. Purchase products that are not made from plastic
  3. Donate to charity all your old clothes and appliances
  4. Buy products in bulk
  5. Have different bins in the house for recyclables
  6. Most of the children’s toys are made out of plastic. This is because it is cheap and fairly safe, but these toys break very easily and parents usually throw the toys out when they break and replace them with new ones. A lot of cereals and fast food businesses tend to add a toy to a meal to try and persuade parents to choose their option. These plastic toys usually don’t last very long and get thrown out. There is no specific method to disposing of toys so the best way would be to avoid short-term toys but rather get long-lasting toys or encourage other activities.

The benefits of waste control and recycling of household waste for the community and our environment. What would the adverse effects be?

Waste control includes the collection and disposal of both harmful and safe materials.

Benefits are that

  • The service offered is profitable and companies are starting to look to invest in this industry.
  • It also keeps the environment clean and reduces the environmental pollution as long as the waste is properly disposed of.
  • Jobs are created because people are needed in the process of waste control, from human labor to admin.

The adverse effects are that

  • This process is not always profitable because a lot of time and money is needed to start the project.
  • These sites can often be dangerous due to the growth of bacteria and diseases which makes it difficult for the workers.
  • Waste control can cause other problems such as dirty-looking roads and verges due to leaving excess debris,
  • pollution of groundwater and land
  • And although it creates jobs, it is minimum/low pay with hard labor.

In conclusion, there are simple day-to-day changes that people can do to reduce their plastic usage. Try and recycle as much as you can because it helps reduce the waste being thrown out and creates something new and beneficial for someone else. By recycling plastic you are not reducing the plastic on the earth because plastic can’t break down but you are reducing the plastic pollution as you are now using that discarded plastic for something else.


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