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Why Restore Legal Marijuana is a Good Idea

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Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, making cannabis illegal nationwide under federal law. This time period was rife with misinformation and fear mongering. Parents were told that their children would be invited to parties and given reefer and that they would be hooked! The problem with the governments’ intervention and regulation in cannabis is that it never stopped increasing in those regulations and making punishments harsher. Cannabis is more than just college students getting high and getting the munchies as something cool to do. Cannabis has true potential to cure and medicate people’s ailments, from children with epileptic seizures to a mother of 3 who is experiencing early onset Alzheimer’s. The research and studies are there to show that cannabis should no longer be illegal on the federal level. The utilitarian purpose for cannabis is far greater than the reefer madness that was forced unknowingly into 1930s suburbia.

Children with epileptic seizures are utilitarian’s ultimate weapon in the fight for cannabis legalization. The results of cannabis’s effect on the population is immediate and highly effective with little alternatives that are of the same effectiveness and natural holistic origins. With cannabis derived pharmaceutical drug treatments, like Epidiolex, children with epileptic seizures can experience a significant drop in episodes that was not possible with standard forms of treatment. A study concluded that children being given the drug Epidiolex experienced a 36.5% median reduction in motor seizures; from 30 seizures a month to 15.8 seizures a month over the course of a 12-week trial study from UCSF Pediatric Epilepsy Center directed by Maria Roberta Cilio, MD, PhD.

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Cannabis derived medicine breakthroughs are a profound leap in our society that have been previously held back by government legislation. It’s giving children and their loved ones the highest rating when using the Felicific calculus formulated by Jeremy Bentham. The affected party receives strong and immediate pleasure knowing that their child is experiencing relief from dangerous seizures every day. It will last essentially forever as long as the treatment continues to work and they have access to the pharmaceutical medication and it’s certain that the pleasure will occur. The fecundity of the pleasure that a parent and their child will experience when the child’s seizures are cut in almost half cannot be surpassed by anything else produced in our society, except maybe a complete cure of the condition. Cannabis medicine has relatively high scores in cannabis medicine; however, if the cannabis cannot treat the child, I don’t see any reason why a parent would experience any more opposite feelings of pleasure than any other pharmaceutical on the market. Cannabis medicine is not just for epileptic seizure patients; it can be used to treat pain, Alzheimer’s, eating disorders, stress, and anxiety just to name a few. So, the extent to which cannabis will stimulate pleasure in affected people is astronomical in figurative terms, especially once it has become legalized and destigmatized by the public.

State lawmakers are adopting new and less strict cannabis laws every year, and there is a notable shift in the public’s mind on recreational cannabis and medicinal uses on cannabis the utilitarian argument for legal cannabis continues to rise. Cannabis and its subcategories, hemp and CBD, are proven to be great utilities of our society. They have virtually no negative affects on pleasure, except what has been created by government lawmakers which would be removed in a federally legal country; this plays perfectly into John Mill’s principle of utility. An analogy to the pleasure effect on society that legalization of cannabis will produce is: making an illegal palm tree legal. The only negative effects on pleasure that will be produced are in a very slim percentage of people who hate palm trees are were glad that they were illegal because they don’t like the way they look. However, they still drink coconut milk and recognize that palm trees produce oxygen and are hearty plants. the hatred for a plant such as marijuana(cannabis) is a product of government legislation and propaganda fed to the public at a time when information was not easily verified, like the 21st century. As a Utilitarian, cannabis legalization is an easy decision to make in respect to pleasure received to the population.

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