Why Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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Love has no boundaries; thus, marriages are no longer limited to heterosexual sted in couples. Same-sex marriages have been legalized in several countries that have led to the initiation of demanding equal rights by the people of the LGBTQ Community. With the struggle of these activities, it has now become possible for same-sex couples to be free and enjoy equal rights in some countries.

Same-sex marriages are not a trend or western influence that is adopted by society. Same-sex attraction has existed since ancient times. It was not openly and vividly talked about due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. It is still a taboo in most of the world. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and the world so that same-sex couples do not face discrimination. In India, same-sex marriages are yet to be legalized. On 6 September 2018, the Supreme court of India decriminalized gay sex marking a historic judgment in the Indian judiciary. The court defined love to be without boundaries. This historical judgment is a result of prolonged protests and suffering. It was welcomed and celebrated by the country with joy. Same-sex marriages are held like every other marriage.

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The rituals and traditions are not different for same-sex marriage than heterosexual marriage. Both kinds of marriage are intended to unite two souls who are in love and care for each other. Discriminating and judging same-sex couples is inhuman and wrong. This mindset needs to be changed as we are moving towards a progressive world. To understand the concept of same-sex attraction and the LGBTQ community, proper sex education must be introduced at the school level. This education is very important so that a person discovers the true soul and desire within oneself. It is always said to be with the person one loves.

To find the person one loves, we must educate ourselves about the different aspects of love and desire. Educating oneself on the various aspects of sexual attraction will lead us to be better people and make others better people. You can now access more Essay Writing on this topic and many more. Same-sex marriages are ridiculed in most places by society. It is wrong to discriminate against human beings for their sexual preferences. Nor it is our right to devoid them of their fundamental rights as human beings. They are humans who deserve respect at all points of their life irrespective of their sexual preference.


We have come a long way now in protecting gay rights. Every individual must support the cause of equality. Same-sex marriages must be legalized in all parts of the world, and same-sex couples must be given equal human rights. Same-sex marriages must be welcomed with joy, and same-sex couples must not be subjected to discrimination. Marrying anyone is a basic fundamental right, thus not allowing same-sex couples to get married is devoiding basic human rights. We must take care that the LGBTQ community is not devoid of their fundamental rights and is treated with respect like everybody else.

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