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Why Should Students Skip School To Protest For Climate Change

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Would you believe me if i told you that we only have 135 months left before our planet passes a point of runaway global warming? Meaning to say we have less than a century to pack up our belongings, find another planet and start popping out the sprogs? Have you seen how long it takes for us to pack for a holiday, for crying out loud?

Students should skip school to protest because no one else seems to be taking proper action towards this crisis. According to the global commission on the economy and climate we will inevitably go extinct after 2030. And you might be thinking if this was really the case then “We wouldn’t be talking about anything else, that soon as you’d turn on the TV, everything would be about that.” This is what Greta Thurnburg was also thinking but she didn’t stop there, she as a reasonable human being couldn’t stop herself but to take action so she began skipping school to protest outside parliament against Sweden’s lack of action on climate change. And that’s how she started a global movement called Schools Strike For Climate change which is also referred to as Fridays For Future. At these protests thousands of people march with only three demands , they demanded no new coal or gas projects, stopping the Adani coal mine in central Queensland, and moving to 100 per cent renewable by 2030. The decisions we make on carbon emissions over coming decades will affect our climate for a long time to come, as emissions will profoundly impact the rate of future climate change, particularly after 2030 and that’s why students are skipping school to protest because they are aware and concerned for the effect of climate change that is why they are striking out of fear. It’s time to take action or reap the consequences forever. At one of these protests Ten-year-old Mimi Vale and her mum travelled for three hours by train to attend the rally because of the horrific things she has witnessed like the impacts of climate change first-hand, ”There’s no grass growing at her family’s beef farm, so Mimi has to help her mother hand feed the cattle. “If we don’t act fast, the world is going to end,” she said. It’s so sad that a 10 year old has to carry this burden of saving the planet when our leaders couldn’t a 10 year old should not be carrying so heavy of a burden she should instead be playing with barbie dolls. We are temporarily sacrificing our educations to save our futures from dangerous climate change. Thunberg’s words to the UN climate change conference in Poland in December: “You are not mature enough to tell it like it is – even that burden you leave to us children.” Any delight, pride or joy we feel in these protests has to be tempered by the realisation of the adult world’s failure. UK “MPs have passed a motion making the UK parliament the first in the world to declare an “environment and climate emergency”. So the students are trying to push Australian leaders to follow, if not their lead but the united kingdom’s lead.

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Students should skip school to protest for climate change because they are the ones who who are going to be impacted the most. Not to mention it is their democratic right since, they are not allowed to vote yet.It is better than staying silent also because we know everything about the issue at hand it would be a different story if we did know how to stop it but we are lucky enough to have the resources and information to prevent our earth from dying ,there are no grey areas when it comes to survival. School students are essentially striking because no action has been taken to reduce the global warming issue and on top of that the leaders are not treating this like a crisis instead they are treating stuff like big wall of bricks which The president of United States wants to build, declaring a national emergency to get his way. And in response to all this criticism the politicians have been facing, their response was : “We do not support our schools being turned into parliaments. … What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools. That’s what scott morrison said.but their action is only necessary because we have failed to act. As one placard at the Belgian protests told politicians “I’ll do my homework when you do yours.” . Nine-year-old Lachlan said he felt ‘disappointed’ by Mr Morrison and said he would vote the prime minister out if he was of age. ‘I don’t think any student is going to miss out on their career because they missed a few hours of school today,’ he said. But the ministers would not care if students skipped school for horse cup day. There is no planet B. A young generation so easily caricatured as disconnected and self-absorbed, heads tilted permanently downward towards their phones, Instagramming pictures of themselves, are instead taking a moral lead.

‘There are no careers in becoming a climate change protester, Mr Latham, One Nation’s New South Wales leader – told Daily Mail Australia. But the real problem is that there essentially will not be any schools or education if global warming keeps on going the way it is. Australian temperatures are expected to rise by approximately half a degree or more by 2030 relative to 1990, bringing more hot days and nights. Time is running out it’s time to take action and gen Z has the most to lose from the negative effects of climate change, “Until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than what is politically possible, there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis,” she added. Gen Z has the most to lose from the negative effects of climate change, George Monbiot said “My generation trashed the planet. So I salute the children striking back. My generation and the generations that went before have failed you. We failed to grasp the basic premise of intergenerational justice: that you cannot apply discount rates to human life. In other words, the life of someone who has not been born will be of no less value than the life of someone who already exists. We have lived as if your lives had no importance, as if any resource we encountered was ours and ours alone to use as we wished, regardless of the impact on future generations. In doing so, we created a cannibal economy: we ate your future to satisfy our greed.” Between their denial and their despair, there was not one moment at which they said, “It is real, so we must act.” Their despair was another form of denial; another way of persuading themselves that they could carry on as before. If there was no point in acting, they had no need to challenge their deepest beliefs. Because of the denial, the selfishness, the short-termism of my generation, this is now the last chance we have. Just last week it emerged that the Antarctic ice is melting much faster than previously feared and global atmospheric CO2 emissions reached a record level of 415ppm.

You might be asking what’s the direct connection between climate change and schools.will,Extreme heat, drought, or flooding during a child’s early years can reduce the number of years of school they eventually complete, according to an analysis published yesterday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The changes to weather and ecosystems will also affect people more directly. As tropical temperature zones expand, the reach of some infectious diseases, such as malaria, will change. More intense rains and hurricanes and rising sea levels will lead to more severe flooding and potential loss of property and life.Hotter summers and more frequent fires will lead to more cases of heat stroke and deaths, and to higher levels of near-surface ozone and smoke, which would cause more ‘code red’ air quality days. Intense droughts can lead to an increase in malnutrition. On a longer time scale, fresh water will become scarcer, especially during the summer, as mountain glaciers disappear, particularly in Asia and parts of North America.

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