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Why Should The Pharmacist Be The One To Conduct Medication Review?

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Medications are identified as substances taken in the body that can harm as well as heal the patient. Several studies stated that approximately 5% to 15% of people are admitted to the hospital due to the harmful effects of some medications. Hence, medication review is essential to conduct so as to prevent any adverse effects of the drugs and improve the quality life of the patient. Medication review is defined as the systematic comprehensive evaluation of patient medications with the intention of optimizing the use of medicine, reducing the problems associated with the medication and improve health outcomes. Consequently, as more drugs or medications are administered to patients, drug complications may occur especially if patient do not obtain adequate information. On that account, utilizing a medication review is a central role for pharmacists to address enhancement of medicines and medication adherence problems thus, improving quality life of the patients.

Pharmacists are credible sources of information as well as counsel. For every kind of patient who heads to a pharmacy, pharmacists certify that accurate prescription-related information is given. Pharmacists have a comprehensive knowledge regarding medications and are qualified to perform a medication review because they undergo pharmacy trainings that has been extensively developed and enhanced to ensure that a pharmacist has expertise on medicines starting from the indication of drugs, drug interactions, mechanism of action, adverse effects up to the patient counseling and alike. Thereby, this magnitude and amount of training highlights the fact that, as pharmacists, we are qualified to bestow the highest quality level of proficiency and sophistications that ultimately allowed us to furnish comprehensive care to our patients and to the community as a part of the healthcare team.

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In addition, medication review is utilized by a pharmacist because of their clinical and technical skills. In fact, they are the most approachable and versatile health care professional in various pharmacy setting. For instance, in hospital setting, hospital pharmacists relate their scientific knowledge and skills in reviewing patients’ medicines and medical history during hospital rounds. In community pharmacy, on the other hand, since pharmacists have an inadequate access to patient’s medical history, it restricts their capacity to incorporate medical review. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of techniques in the community to enrich the patient about the use of medicines.

To conclude, Pharmacist have an essential position to play in medication review as they are well-educated about drugs and the things beyond it. Assessing the adequacy of medications tends to drive and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medication use.

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